Ann Taylor Friends & Family Sale Picks

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Use code FRIENDS40  at check out on Ann Taylor for 40% off everything. 
Here are some fitting room try ons. 

First up, the classic scalloped lace dress. The dress is fully lined and comes in a regular and petite fit. 
Since I'm at the petite cutoff height 5'4" I always like to try on both regular and petite pieces. The petite dress hits mid thigh and regular fit hits above the knees, therefore the perfect office appropriate length. 

The lighting was quite harsh in the fitting room.  In order to do the lace detail justice I decided to include some stock photos. 

The first dress I saw walking into the store was this gorgeous shift dress. Decked out in jewels,  this dress is perfect for the holiday parties! Fitting has a natural waistline but is a little tight around the hips.  For those with a curvy figure size up for a more relaxed fit. 

Last piece was my favorite piece I tried on.  I couldn't seem to locate this top on the website. It was in the sale section that was already marked off to about $44 with an extra 40% off from the friends & family sale. There were quite a few of these at my local Ann Taylor so try your luck!  The top has a structured neoprene finish with an attached flow-y segment to elongate your silhouette.  Business casual approved! 

Other notable pieces include this crepe wrap top that is perfect for layering and this perfectly chic tweed moto jacket. Limited sizes and colors left.  

That's it for now! Happy shopping and please tag me if you end up getting any of these pieces!
Sale ends 11/17/2014 at 3 AM EST.


Nautical and Peplum

Sunday, September 28, 2014

As the last of summer approaches, I find myself reaching for these shorts more frequently!
It has been a hot summer in Southern California, but Mr. K and I have enjoyed every bit of it! 

Something else I have also been loving are these contemporary flats that are very reminiscent of the Alexander Wang flats I passed on a while ago.  Since the AW Ester flats are virtually sold out everywhere and we are venturing into fall I opted fort these more affordable ASOS ones instead. They are actually quit comfortable.  Also available in different colors. 

Thank you for read and have a great week!

Top :: ASOS (similar here)
Shorts :: Zara (similar here)
Necklace :: QQLemon
Shoes :: ASOS

Lace and Leopard Anniversary Dress

Monday, August 18, 2014

NordstromHello my MisoBunnies! 
Today marks 5 years between Mr K and I! 

We are not doing anything crazy, just a simple dinner out.  When I was little, I always yearned to grow up so I could dress up and go to work.  Now that I am all grown up, I quite miss my carefree college days.  However, I am grateful I found such an amazing man to call my husband to be. 

I never thought I would get so lucky to be where I am today.  Mr. K and I met by chance really, and during the lowest times of my life.  I never thought a simple neurobiology report could turn into this.  If you are still searching... for love, for job, for future, don't give up.  You never know what you will find the next corner around! 

Dress :: ASOS  (get 4% back with ebates)
Bag  :: Celine
Shoes:: Nordstrom

I'm Engaged!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I'm engaged!!

Many, if not all of our families and close friends already know, but I wanted to come on here and share my story with all of you.  Throughout the last 5 years I could not have learned more, traveled further, been happier.  We have all heard this questions before, "how do you know when you have found the one?"  The truth is, you won't.  You know you have found the right one when you can truly be yourself regardless of circumstances. For me it is waking up to a pot of freshly brewed coffee, coming home to a home cooked dinner, and a sense of humor that never ceases to make me laugh.  Its that simple.  All of which I never had to ask, request, or speak up for.  He just knows, and is selfless enough to go out of his way to do those things so my life will be that much easier.  I feel incredibly lucky and grateful. 

Like many girls, I have always envisioned prince charming proposing under the most extravagant circumstances.  Maybe time has changed me.  Over the years, I've experienced my share of heartbreaks and I realized truly that happiness doesn't have to be extravagant.  Nothing about marriage is extravagant really, but I am willing to take this journey and share this experience with my best friend.  So how did he propose you ask?  He surprised me at a time I least expected...I was sleeping!  When I woke up he sat on my bed with a hardcover book.  He said he had a story to tell me.  As I listened to his memories of us throughout the last 5 years we have been together, tears just rolled down my cheeks.  At the end of his book, he asked me and I said YES!

5 Favorite Lip Looks- Collaboration with Saaammage

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy hump day my misobunnies!

Yes we (Sam and I) are thrilled to share this new video with you! It is a collaboration with Sam aka Saaammage on Youtube.  

My 5 favorite looks

Sam's 5 favorite looks

Product list for my 5 favorite lip looks (clickable links)

(now through 6/15/14, by a set of velvet brushes and you will get a free beauty blender solid cleanser FREE! Use FREE GIFT CODE: FREEBB    at checkout)

COMMENT and let us know which is YOUR favorite look!

20 Random Facts

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sharing 20 random facts with you all! I was tagged on instagram by my friend Minky. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates!

  • Born and raised in Hong Kong
  • I speak Shanghainese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and of course English
  • Watch TVB almost everyday
  • After watching every TVB series I would look up the cast 
  • I LOVE singing…I sing everyday…inevitably 
  • I have another stomach for desserts
  • Peaches, mangoes, and watermelon are my favorite fruits
  • I’m a total homebody 
  • Big time night owl
  • food fanatic. I can eat all day long
  • played piano for 14 years
  • Puppy lover forever
  • favorite Chinese dish: tomato and egg
  • I love wearing dresses and hate wearing pants
  • major lip product addict
  • dancer for 5 years
  • I love photography (taking photos and modeling)
  • coffee addict
  • always wanted a sister
  • would do anything and everything for friends and family 

  • Casual Chic Workday

    Thursday, February 20, 2014

    Hello my MisoBunnies!
    I have truly missed you all!! Have you ever felt so busy you forget to eat or sleep?  I've been working on my synthesis and it is really eating up my heart and soul.  Have you had similar experiences? Perhaps a dissertation for PhD? Well, wish me luck!

    Warm California winter has been with us lately and here is my day outfit for a casual chic workday!

    I am by no means a fashion expert, but really enjoy effortless looks. 


    You can always find true friends (even best friends) through enduring times. Have a great week everyone!

    Top :: Loft (similar here)
    Blazer :: H&M (similar here)
    Pants :: Zara (old)
    Necklace :: QQLemon
    Shoes :: J.Crew

    2013 October Haul & Favorites

    Monday, November 18, 2013

    Hello my Miso bunnies!!! 

    I can't believe it is the holiday season already! 

    I am quite the indecisive shopper, so I do most of my shopping online. I will be sharing my holiday wish list as well as gift guides soon.

    Instead of doing separate haul and monthly favorite videos, I decided to pair the two together for October.  As many of you know, most of my haul videos incorporate aspects of review in them as well. I just can't keep my mouth shut if a product is fantastic! ;)

    Products Mentioned (click them!)

    Stuart Weitzman 5050 Boots ON SALE!

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    Fall is here and as we rekindle with boots from previous years, many of us find ourselves drooling over classic boots like this one here


    Yes, I am talking about Stuart Weitzman's famous 5050 boots.  These classic boots were made for walking!  I love shoes that I can wear for hours without pain.  Not to mention I am a total leggings addict, so this is definitely a plus.  Now on to the sale. As a lot of you know, these shoes almost never go on sale.  Right now Neiman Marcus is offering $50 off any $200 qualifying purchase such as the 5050 boots. If your size is not available at Neiman Marcus you can actually get a price match from Nordstrom  and currently all sizes are in stock at Nordstrom plus FREE shipping and return (in case anything goes wrong). That brings the price down to $548!! I know it doesn't sound like a significant amount, but comparing to a gift card with purchase sale or even no sale at all, this is a steal! You can create an online chat on the Nordstrom website to get a price match before you head over to a store.  

    Good luck shopping!

    Edit: Found a few other choices worth mentioning.  Gilt is having a 5050 celebration sale as well. Buy any 5050 boots and get $50 Gilt credit AND $50 Stuart Weitzman gift card. So total savings is $100 compared to the Neiman sale. However, the sale above is a cash off sale and this Guilt one is a credit one. Choose your poison and have a chic Autumn! 

    I Drink Poop?!

    Thursday, September 19, 2013

    Yes I know what you are thinking. Before you let your imagination run wild, let me explain myself. 

    I was watching a TVB drama last year and the wealthy lawyers in the show always demanded 貓屎咖啡, which directly translates to "cat poop coffee".  I honestly didn't think any of it since TVB always makes up brands and alters names for legal reasons.  A few months later I encountered this phrase again at an event.  This time I decided to go home and do a little research on this poop coffee that everyone is talking about. 

    Turns out this "cat poop coffee" is also known as Luwak.  It is actually a delicacy and costs about $60+ USD per ounce. Yes, that means each cup of coffee roughly costs $15- $20 to brew. 

    In case you are wondering, the coffee is named after the way the beans were processed.  A feline-like animal called "civet" is fed coffee beans.  Then, as you can imagine the civet digests the coffee beans and excretes them back out.  Farmers then picks these feces and cleans the coffee beans.  So yes the process is quite disgusting but the result is marvelous.  I don't want to go too much into Luwak coffee detail since not everyone likes "poop coffee".  I myself only drink it on special occasions as well. 

    Let's talk about how to use the Clever dripper!  I have a quite a few coffee machines. I have 2 Kurigs, a Nesspresso U with Areochino, a few french presses, a good old coffee dripper, and finally a large Clever dripper.  Depending on the grind of the coffee and how much time I have that day, I use different brewing methods.  I wanted to focus a little more on the Clever dripper since it has became my favorite way of brewing coffee.  Like a french press the Clever dripper is considered a full emersion brewing method.  This means, the coffee ground in fully immersed in water allowing for a cup of full body coffee.  The good thing about the Clever dripper is the clean up.  No more scraping coffee grounds out of the french press!  All I have to do for clean up is toss the filter and rinse the dripper. I also find this to brew less bitter coffee as well. The valve on the bottom of the dripper does not open until you set it on top of a cup.  Can't get better than this!

    I wait about 3 minutes after pouring the water into the filter. 

    You can choose to cover the dripper while you wait to keep in the heat.  For photography purposes I did pre-wet the filter, which also decreases the paper taste.  However, most people do not taste "paper" when using paper filters.

    Coffee dripping. 

    If you have poured a perfect cup of coffee, you should see an even layer of coffee ground residue on the sides of the filter.

    So there you have it! A perfect cup of coffee. 
    I am interested in seeing how you guys drink/ brew your coffee. Please leave me a comment below!

    Coffee Machine/ Gadgets I own:

    My favorite is Nesspresso 
    The good ole: Coffee Maker
    Fast and easy: Kurig
    My new love: Clever Dripper  with #4 filter