More Pieces for Black Friday Sale

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Remember, everything is customizable, make sure you let me know what you would like to change!

I don't have buy now links posted for these yet but I will by tonight!

Let it Snow Necklace     $28
This snowflake will dazzle your winter outfits by adding a ton of sparkles!
Made with Swarovski crystal 
16" or 18" chain
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Mesmerized Blue     $23
You will get lost in this stunning necklace. I promise.
Swarovski heart on 16 or 18 inch chain

Love is not Equal     $20
Asymmetrical Earrings made with Swarovski crystals and pearls
Playful and Innocent.

2010 Christmas Special

Give a personalized gift with a sterling silver initial charm!
Personalize your necklace with any initial (please submit the desired initial in the check out comment box)

Baroque with Initial (J)  $24
Super sparkly Swarovski crystal with Sterling Silver initial accent
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Baroque with Initial (a)     $24
Girly and chic
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Pinkbox Jewelry's FIRST black Friday BLOWOUT SALE!

Pinkbox Jewelry is doing their FIRST black Friday sale!

So while you shop online for everything else don't forget to pick up something to try from Pinkbox Jewelry!

Sale will start on 11/26/10 at 12:00am EST
Earrings will be 30% OFF
Everything else will be 20% OFF

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Here are some new items to kick start this thanksgiving!

 Classic Romance     $18
                A truly timeless piece made with Swarovski pearls and crystals. 
Perfect for the winter parties.

Take Flight     $16
Angel wings with Dangling stars and Swarovski Crystals
~Buy Now~ 

MAKE SURE you pick up something for the holidays! I promise you will be in for a surprise when you get these babies!

So Sick =[

Monday, November 22, 2010

So when I finally build up enough courage to do my first YT video I GET FREAKEN SICK!! Not just the average sniffles I MEAN SICK! So hang in there girls I'm trying REALLY REALLY hard to get the jewelry out but I seriously slept for 18 hours today. Anyway I'm going to drag my butt to bed again now (even though I don't want to!) Pray for me! <3

Pinkbox Jewelry

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Okay, so I usually won't do this but I'm so excited about these pieces I had to double post!
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Stunning Pink     $28
20mm Light Rose Swarovski Cosmic Pendant
16 in. Sterling Silver Chain 
Crystallized leaf bail
~Buy Now~ 

Innocent Charm Neckalce     $ 23
12mm Flower Pendant with AB finish (Trust me it is SUPER sparkly)
16 in Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Necklace Chain
Crystallized Tear Drop Bail
~Buy Now~ 

Take the Night off Earrings     $15
Made with Swarovski Crystals
Sterling Silver French Wire
~1 in. Dangle
~Buy Now~ 
Vintage Princess     $29
Made with Swarovski Crystals
Swarovski Pearls
Pink Satin Ribbon with Lobster Claw on 2 in. extension

NEW Jewelry section

Friday, November 19, 2010

I've been making jewelry like crazy for the holidays! I'll have more pictures up soon. Here are some to enjoy for the meanwhile. If you want to order please email me!

I will post prices tomorrow, but if you want to know prices at listed  HERE

Update on Some Holiday Giveaways!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There are some AWESOME giveaways happening between now and Christmas!

Here to share one of them from Agnes @ pinkboxmakeup!

She is giving away an amazing straightening Iron!

Want it? Visit pinkboxmakeup!

Sedona Lace Giveaway Winner!

It is official! We have a winner!!! (Sorry this entry is past due, but nonetheless WE HAVE A WINNER for the first giveaway!)

Congratulations Liz @ beautygasm

Your very pink COTTON CANDY KABUKI is on its way to your house!!

Let me know when you receive it! I can't wait to see you use it!


Sedona Lace has a new website! IT IS GORGEOUS!

Also a HUGE congrats to Katrina Lomidze for being the official model on the new Sedona Lace website!

To visit click here now!

Sedona Lace Kabuki Giveaway (Freebie Friday)

Friday, November 12, 2010

If are you reading this then you are probably on the right track to FF!!!!

To qualify you must follow rules 1-4! Please read!

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Rule #4 HAVE A FANTASTIC FRIDAY and remember rules 1-3! I will select the winner 12am Sunday est. good luck <3

I will pick the winner at 12AM Sunday Pacific time instead since I live in CA.

Good luck girls!



I'm getting read to go shopping today! I will post pictures later tonight. I'm so excited!!! Sephora haul! And clothes so keep reading!

Sedona Lace Brush review Part 2 Continued

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I know I've been lazy!! But I got the flu shot yesterday thinking " what could happen? I get it every year." WRONG! I have been running a fever for the last 24 hours and my left arm is like handicapped due to muscle aches!
Regardless, I want to finish this long pass due review of this amazing set of brushes.

So I've talked about all the face brushes (there were 4), and I also reviewed 2 of the eye brushes so here are the rest.

I have also put the prices down for each MAC comparable brush and in the END I will grand total everything you can see how much YOU ARE SAVING by investing in these brushes. So keep reading!!!

Large Shader Brush

This brush is super soft and I love this brush because it is PERFECT for cream shadows or anything creamy I suppose. The bristles have a certain sheen to it so it is great for not things that are sticky like cream shadows. This brush is similar to the MAC 252 ($30). The 252 is more fluffy and it loads shadow extremely well, but the SL brush is softer and does not overload the brush that results in powder everywhere (if you are using powder). I did a comparison, see for yourself!

Pencil brush

THIS HAS GOT TO BE MY FAVORITE BRUSH! I use this everyday. What do I use it for? anything! I use it for smudging, as a guide to see how far I want my shadow to go, basically anything! Although I usually use this for the outer corners of my eyes, so darker colors to give the eyes some depth. I don't have the MAC twin for this one, but if I did it would be MAC 219 ($24.50). I do however, have a Bare Essential pencil brush and these two brushes are pretty much identical.

Tapered Blending Brush

This is also one of my favorite brushes of ALL TIME! Perfect for blending the various colors you have stacked on top of each other. It softens the edges and gives you that gradient look that you are looking for. You can also use this brush to highlight areas on your lid at the end and blend it in to create a shimmery effect on the center of your eyelid. This will define the position of your iris. In case you are wondering this brush is like the MAC 224 ($29). After comparing these two I think I would rather go with the SL blending brush because the MAC one is a little prickly. It doesn't hurt but the bristles are stiffer on the MAC,which might come in handy depending on the look are you trying to achieve.

Concealer Brush

I never really liked using brushes for concealer because I think it might go on too think and look like I just smeared pancake batter on my face. This SL concealer brush is more like a small synthetic shadow brush more than a concealer brush, which is brilliant! When yo use a brush that is soft and has long bristle you are really getting precision but you end up dragging the product around when you are trying to cover a larger area such as the whole under eye area. The MAC concealer brush 194 ($19.50) is just that. It is longer and softer then the SL concealer brush, perfect for spot concealing such as a pimple or a mole. The SL brush on the other hand is better for covering larger areas such as under eye area.
Eyeliner Brush

This brush is called the eyeliner brush but I think it is too thick and big for doing eyeliner so I use it for under eye shadow and IT IS PERFECT for that! the line is not too precise and gives a smudgy kind of look. You definitely want that for the under eye shadow. It is also a little too soft for lining my eyes because you don't get really precise control with this brush if you are using it to line your eyes. MAC 209 ($17.5) would be similar but it is much stiffer and better for lining. So if you are looking for a brush to line I would use the MAC BUT, in general I would suggest using a small angled brush for lining anyway.

Small Angled Brush

This is also a brush I wouldn't use for eyelining because the bristles tend to split when any cream or product gets on it. I'm not sure if it is just not dense enough or just the nature of the brush, but I use this brush for brows. Because it is not as precise as a liner brush it is perfect for eyebrows. When you fill your eyebrows in, you DO NOT want to see the exact line where you filled right? So this brush is angled for the natural contour of your brows yet it is not too dense so you can fill your brows in lightly without having to worry about over loading your brush. The MAC comparable brush 208 ($19.50) on the other hand is SUPER precise and also very stiff so that one I use for gel liner and other liquid or creme products.

So which is better? MAC? Sigma? Sedona Lace?

Well, I feel that Sigma and Sedona Lace brushes are VERY similar that I almost want to say they can be identical except for a few particular brushes BUT!!!! For the same brushes Sigma sells them for  $99, and Sedona Lace sells them for $49.95, So I WOULD totally get the Sedona Lace ones!!

Now MAC. If you add up every brush that I reviewed for the MAC comparable brush you would have to spend over $295!!! I don't want to say if MAC is better or Sedona Lace is better, because I feel that every  brush can achieve a different look so it depends on how you want to use it and what you want to use it on. 

Although, I will say that this Sedona Lace brush set is GORGEOUS! The handles have a pearly pink finish, and all of the brushes have substantial weight to them. You are definitely not getting plastic handles!! Also! the package came 3 days after I ordered it and it was packaged SO WELL! It came in a rather large box with little packaging peanuts and then the product was carefully wrapped and placed in the middle of the box. I love this set and I can't think of a reason why YOU shouldn't be getting your own? 

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Disclaimer: I was not paid or sponsored by Sedona Lace to do this review. This review is based on my own experience with the product and purely my own opinion.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

If you are reading this please pass this video on!

I found a friend posting this Youtube video on her status so I clicked on it and it seriously made me cry. I decided to blog about this. Please click here to watch the video. I really don't know what I can do to help Kristie, but I can imagine how her boyfriend must feel. I can't believe he not only did not leave her but is trying to save her life! 

Then I scrolled down to look at the comments... (click to enlarge photo)
I hope Karma comes and bites you in the a**!!!!!

Scenario of Karma biting your a**:
Patient X: oh doctor please help me get rid of my hemorrhoid. It bothers me every time I go to the bathroom
Doctor: I don't know if I can help you because I love to talk about God
Patient X: OH NO!!!!! I should have done my research, but the directory did not say you weren't Buddhist!(Hemorrhoid explodes)

Are you so proud that your religion taught you to IGNORE PEOPLE IN NEED??????

Did your religion teach you to identify which religion the person is before helping him/her??? I'm sure you have been helped by a Christian or Catholic affiliated person before, whether it be opening a door for you, or giving you directions, to checking out at a grocery store. IF YOU ARE SO IGNORANT WHY DON'T YOU CUT OFF ALL CONNECTIONS TO SOCIETY AND MOVE TO A F*CKING TEMPLE? THEN YOU CAN TRULY NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH NORMAL PEOPLE ANYMORE.

Then there are people like:
 IF YOU HAVE THE TIME TO SET THERE AND WRITE SUCH USELESS comments go do something to help this poor girl!

Then, some people started saying that the girl that posted this video is trying to be payed from getting clicks on Youtube.

OK, so if you really think this girl is trying to get publicity for her subscriptions WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING THERE?

And, WHY did you go back to it and answer someone's question ON HER VIDEO PAGE??? AREN'T YOU JUST GIVING HER MORE PAGE VIEWS?

I don't know if it is a scam. I am in no position to judge, but I will say I rather believe this is real and try everything I can to get more people to read about her. Miracles do happen!


If you think she is only being helped because of her race and appearance, I hope you never get sick because if you believe that then NOBODY WILL HELP YOU when you are sick!!


As some of you already know from my bio or if you know me personally, you would know I LOVE HELLO KITTY! I did a hello kitty haul today!! It made me soooooo happy. Seriously, I know it sounds retarded, but when I walked in and saw all these functional Hello Kitty stuff I went crazy and put everything in the basket. I didn't actually ended up walking out the store with all of them because I knew I was blinded in the store and when I get home I will just never look at these things again. So, here are a few things I picked out.

I picked up 2 Hello Kitty reusable bags for grocery shopping [I don't think I would actually remember to bring them to grocery shop. Oh well, who cares? ]

Next, I got a few magnet pads that you can stick on...well anything magnetic I guess. Also very useless, but I DON'T CARE!

Lastly, my favorite! Hello Kitty POST IT! Now these are actually useful. I love these post its so much, to maximize the usage I think I will write a note to my dog.

Giveaway Brainstorming/awsome giveaways that you should know about

Ok, so yes yes I know I haven't finished the Sedona Lace brush review yet but that's because I have this huge test on Monday but I promise it will be done this week!

On to the next subject. I WANT TO DO MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!! I'm still thinking about what I should be giving away so...I thought what better way to know what people want but to ask them right? So if you want to win something you like SPEAK UP NOW! (And if you respond with something like a Mac book air or a iphone or a LV purse then click HERE) But I'm thinking about something pink, something sparkly, cute and functional makeup palette and tools?

While I was browsing through blogs today I found this awesome blog that is doing a giveaway, so I wanted to share with you guys. I put up the picture on the sidebar but here it is again.

Here is the link:
follow the directions to win. Good Luck!

Sedona Lace Brush Set Review Part 2 (eye brushes)

Friday, November 5, 2010

I've been working all day and I'm so exhausted!!! It is now 3.04am!! But I still want to finish at least part of this review tonight.

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 Eye Shading Brush

OMG! This brush is perfect for cleaning the dust off my chicklet  keyboard. 

No really, I like this brush, its not my favorite brush, but good for loose mineral shadows and pigments. The color comes out to be quite intense, so I would use this brush for packing on colors or if you want to use windshield wiping motion to pack on some shadow base.This is like MAC 239 ($24.5) I don't have this brush so can't compare.

I used the Sedona Lace eye shading brush for this picture. Not bad *sorry I didn't take a picture of this brush >.<)

Medium Angled Shading 

One of my favorite brushes from this set!!! 

Since this brush is used for under the brow bone and corners, I decided to compare it to its twin in MAC world MAC 275 ($24.50). I made "v"s with the two different brushes to show you the different looks the 2 brushes make.  So which one is better? MAC vs. Sedona Lace (medium angled shading brush)

And the verdict is....Sedona Lace wins! I love the soft blended look that the SL brush can give. It is forgiving. For those who are not so confident with your color placement or how far you want to go with the color, this brush is perfect for that. Of course, there are times where you wish the color can just go on your lids so you don't have to reload 1000 times, so maybe MAC 275 is better for those situations. Since most of us are not makeup experts, going with a softer medium angled shadow brush is more forgiving and will hide your oopsies!

Want to know how the other Sedona Lace brushes compare?? 
Check back tomorrow for the full review! follow me on twitter * see right sidebar* and my blog to get updates of when the complete review will be posted!

Sedona Lace Brush Review (part 1: Face brush)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

After using Sedona Lace brushes from a friend I finally decided to get my own set to try out! I have most of the brushes already from MAC but because they are so expensive I wanted to see if there will be anything comparable to these money guzzling brushes. Many of you must be wondering how these brushes compare to MAC and Sigma, so here goes!

Part 1 will be face brushes and part 2 will be eye brushes (stay tuned!)

Powder Brush:
I don’t have the MAC equivalent brush for this one but if I did it would be the MAC 150 ($42). This brush is really soft (not the softest powder brush I’ve never touched), but nonetheless a very soft brush. I use it for setting powder on the face after liquid or something creamy like MAC studio tech. You can also use this to set loose powder or even blush. This brush is “smaller” and less fluffy than the sigma (F30) and MAC 150, but it is more precise for placement of loose powder.

Duo Fibre Brush:
In the MAC world this would be a 187 ($42) and sigma (F50). Overall this brush did its job, I mean it gave an even airbrushed look with foundation but it feels prickly; no pain. I don’t think that stippling is supposed to be a gentle process so I will gladly get poked a few times for the results. Beauty is pain. In the end, the flawless finish was excellent but required a lot more work. My main problem is that it shed a little bit while I was using it, but it could be because I didn’t wash it. No profuse shedding, don’t worry.
A little smaller and skinnier than sigma one

Foundation Brush:
This is one of my 3 favorites (read on to find out which other 2 I like) from this set. This is like the MAC 190 ($32) or Sigma (F60). Although narrower than the MAC 190, it gives the same coverage. It’s thin, soft, tapered and blends the foundation effortlessly. I do not think that the Sedona brush is as dense but because of this the foundation is not lost in the bristle. More product in the bottle, less money spent. 


Large Angle Contour Brush aka MY Blush Brush:
I only use this brush for blush but you can use it to contour your face too. I actually have the MAC comparison (MAC 168 $32) picture for this one so see below for picture.  The size of this brush is pretty much identical to the MAC 168, except that this brush was a lot softer and the MAC was a bit harder. Because of this this brush will give you a blended look it is perfect for blush for that soft innocent look. The MAC on the other hand packs on color quit well, so I would use that when I want controlled placement of my blush.

Finally, I wanted to show you how the blush would look with the different brushes (The Sedona Lace brushes definitely gives more airbrushed soft look while MAC is very dramatic) I would use both depending on what kind of look I want to achieve.

Concealer Brush
Concealer is important! Especially if you have those oozing zits and annoying puffy dark circles that you just can’t get rid off! So what do you do?? YOU HIDE THEM! I feel like the Sedona Lace concealer brush is equivalent to the MAC 194 ($19.50). The MAC brush is softer, but SL brush is shorter and is best for under eye. It is also easier to blend than the MAC long bristled 194. I love this one.

Just for demonstration purposes, I have applied MAC Liquidlast Liner in Aqualine and used Amazing Cosmetic’s “amazing concealer to show you how each brush performs.

So you see, they both pretty much looked the same after applying concealer, but the brushes feel different and therefore you would use them differently. I personally like the SL one better!

Overall, I love the SL very much, especially how pink they are. Recently Sigma has also released their pink 12pc brush set and they are ALMOST IDENTICAL to these ones!!! (The brush carrier is little different) BUT SIGMA is selling them for $99!!! I haven't tried them yet, but judging from their regular 12 pc (black) set this set is comparable to Sigma but for only $49!!! Even before you can finish reading part 2 of this review you can already know that this is a great deal for the quality of brushes you will be getting! Not convinced? Keep reading!! <3

Ok! This will conclude the part 1 of the Sedona lace 12 pc brush set review. If you liked it please subscribe to my blog and twitter account. Stay tuned for part 2!