Sunday, November 7, 2010

As some of you already know from my bio or if you know me personally, you would know I LOVE HELLO KITTY! I did a hello kitty haul today!! It made me soooooo happy. Seriously, I know it sounds retarded, but when I walked in and saw all these functional Hello Kitty stuff I went crazy and put everything in the basket. I didn't actually ended up walking out the store with all of them because I knew I was blinded in the store and when I get home I will just never look at these things again. So, here are a few things I picked out.

I picked up 2 Hello Kitty reusable bags for grocery shopping [I don't think I would actually remember to bring them to grocery shop. Oh well, who cares? ]

Next, I got a few magnet pads that you can stick on...well anything magnetic I guess. Also very useless, but I DON'T CARE!

Lastly, my favorite! Hello Kitty POST IT! Now these are actually useful. I love these post its so much, to maximize the usage I think I will write a note to my dog.