Sedona Lace Brush Review (part 1: Face brush)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

After using Sedona Lace brushes from a friend I finally decided to get my own set to try out! I have most of the brushes already from MAC but because they are so expensive I wanted to see if there will be anything comparable to these money guzzling brushes. Many of you must be wondering how these brushes compare to MAC and Sigma, so here goes!

Part 1 will be face brushes and part 2 will be eye brushes (stay tuned!)

Powder Brush:
I don’t have the MAC equivalent brush for this one but if I did it would be the MAC 150 ($42). This brush is really soft (not the softest powder brush I’ve never touched), but nonetheless a very soft brush. I use it for setting powder on the face after liquid or something creamy like MAC studio tech. You can also use this to set loose powder or even blush. This brush is “smaller” and less fluffy than the sigma (F30) and MAC 150, but it is more precise for placement of loose powder.

Duo Fibre Brush:
In the MAC world this would be a 187 ($42) and sigma (F50). Overall this brush did its job, I mean it gave an even airbrushed look with foundation but it feels prickly; no pain. I don’t think that stippling is supposed to be a gentle process so I will gladly get poked a few times for the results. Beauty is pain. In the end, the flawless finish was excellent but required a lot more work. My main problem is that it shed a little bit while I was using it, but it could be because I didn’t wash it. No profuse shedding, don’t worry.
A little smaller and skinnier than sigma one

Foundation Brush:
This is one of my 3 favorites (read on to find out which other 2 I like) from this set. This is like the MAC 190 ($32) or Sigma (F60). Although narrower than the MAC 190, it gives the same coverage. It’s thin, soft, tapered and blends the foundation effortlessly. I do not think that the Sedona brush is as dense but because of this the foundation is not lost in the bristle. More product in the bottle, less money spent. 


Large Angle Contour Brush aka MY Blush Brush:
I only use this brush for blush but you can use it to contour your face too. I actually have the MAC comparison (MAC 168 $32) picture for this one so see below for picture.  The size of this brush is pretty much identical to the MAC 168, except that this brush was a lot softer and the MAC was a bit harder. Because of this this brush will give you a blended look it is perfect for blush for that soft innocent look. The MAC on the other hand packs on color quit well, so I would use that when I want controlled placement of my blush.

Finally, I wanted to show you how the blush would look with the different brushes (The Sedona Lace brushes definitely gives more airbrushed soft look while MAC is very dramatic) I would use both depending on what kind of look I want to achieve.

Concealer Brush
Concealer is important! Especially if you have those oozing zits and annoying puffy dark circles that you just can’t get rid off! So what do you do?? YOU HIDE THEM! I feel like the Sedona Lace concealer brush is equivalent to the MAC 194 ($19.50). The MAC brush is softer, but SL brush is shorter and is best for under eye. It is also easier to blend than the MAC long bristled 194. I love this one.

Just for demonstration purposes, I have applied MAC Liquidlast Liner in Aqualine and used Amazing Cosmetic’s “amazing concealer to show you how each brush performs.

So you see, they both pretty much looked the same after applying concealer, but the brushes feel different and therefore you would use them differently. I personally like the SL one better!

Overall, I love the SL very much, especially how pink they are. Recently Sigma has also released their pink 12pc brush set and they are ALMOST IDENTICAL to these ones!!! (The brush carrier is little different) BUT SIGMA is selling them for $99!!! I haven't tried them yet, but judging from their regular 12 pc (black) set this set is comparable to Sigma but for only $49!!! Even before you can finish reading part 2 of this review you can already know that this is a great deal for the quality of brushes you will be getting! Not convinced? Keep reading!! <3

Ok! This will conclude the part 1 of the Sedona lace 12 pc brush set review. If you liked it please subscribe to my blog and twitter account. Stay tuned for part 2!