Sedona Lace Brush review Part 2 Continued

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I know I've been lazy!! But I got the flu shot yesterday thinking " what could happen? I get it every year." WRONG! I have been running a fever for the last 24 hours and my left arm is like handicapped due to muscle aches!
Regardless, I want to finish this long pass due review of this amazing set of brushes.

So I've talked about all the face brushes (there were 4), and I also reviewed 2 of the eye brushes so here are the rest.

I have also put the prices down for each MAC comparable brush and in the END I will grand total everything you can see how much YOU ARE SAVING by investing in these brushes. So keep reading!!!

Large Shader Brush

This brush is super soft and I love this brush because it is PERFECT for cream shadows or anything creamy I suppose. The bristles have a certain sheen to it so it is great for not things that are sticky like cream shadows. This brush is similar to the MAC 252 ($30). The 252 is more fluffy and it loads shadow extremely well, but the SL brush is softer and does not overload the brush that results in powder everywhere (if you are using powder). I did a comparison, see for yourself!

Pencil brush

THIS HAS GOT TO BE MY FAVORITE BRUSH! I use this everyday. What do I use it for? anything! I use it for smudging, as a guide to see how far I want my shadow to go, basically anything! Although I usually use this for the outer corners of my eyes, so darker colors to give the eyes some depth. I don't have the MAC twin for this one, but if I did it would be MAC 219 ($24.50). I do however, have a Bare Essential pencil brush and these two brushes are pretty much identical.

Tapered Blending Brush

This is also one of my favorite brushes of ALL TIME! Perfect for blending the various colors you have stacked on top of each other. It softens the edges and gives you that gradient look that you are looking for. You can also use this brush to highlight areas on your lid at the end and blend it in to create a shimmery effect on the center of your eyelid. This will define the position of your iris. In case you are wondering this brush is like the MAC 224 ($29). After comparing these two I think I would rather go with the SL blending brush because the MAC one is a little prickly. It doesn't hurt but the bristles are stiffer on the MAC,which might come in handy depending on the look are you trying to achieve.

Concealer Brush

I never really liked using brushes for concealer because I think it might go on too think and look like I just smeared pancake batter on my face. This SL concealer brush is more like a small synthetic shadow brush more than a concealer brush, which is brilliant! When yo use a brush that is soft and has long bristle you are really getting precision but you end up dragging the product around when you are trying to cover a larger area such as the whole under eye area. The MAC concealer brush 194 ($19.50) is just that. It is longer and softer then the SL concealer brush, perfect for spot concealing such as a pimple or a mole. The SL brush on the other hand is better for covering larger areas such as under eye area.
Eyeliner Brush

This brush is called the eyeliner brush but I think it is too thick and big for doing eyeliner so I use it for under eye shadow and IT IS PERFECT for that! the line is not too precise and gives a smudgy kind of look. You definitely want that for the under eye shadow. It is also a little too soft for lining my eyes because you don't get really precise control with this brush if you are using it to line your eyes. MAC 209 ($17.5) would be similar but it is much stiffer and better for lining. So if you are looking for a brush to line I would use the MAC BUT, in general I would suggest using a small angled brush for lining anyway.

Small Angled Brush

This is also a brush I wouldn't use for eyelining because the bristles tend to split when any cream or product gets on it. I'm not sure if it is just not dense enough or just the nature of the brush, but I use this brush for brows. Because it is not as precise as a liner brush it is perfect for eyebrows. When you fill your eyebrows in, you DO NOT want to see the exact line where you filled right? So this brush is angled for the natural contour of your brows yet it is not too dense so you can fill your brows in lightly without having to worry about over loading your brush. The MAC comparable brush 208 ($19.50) on the other hand is SUPER precise and also very stiff so that one I use for gel liner and other liquid or creme products.

So which is better? MAC? Sigma? Sedona Lace?

Well, I feel that Sigma and Sedona Lace brushes are VERY similar that I almost want to say they can be identical except for a few particular brushes BUT!!!! For the same brushes Sigma sells them for  $99, and Sedona Lace sells them for $49.95, So I WOULD totally get the Sedona Lace ones!!

Now MAC. If you add up every brush that I reviewed for the MAC comparable brush you would have to spend over $295!!! I don't want to say if MAC is better or Sedona Lace is better, because I feel that every  brush can achieve a different look so it depends on how you want to use it and what you want to use it on. 

Although, I will say that this Sedona Lace brush set is GORGEOUS! The handles have a pearly pink finish, and all of the brushes have substantial weight to them. You are definitely not getting plastic handles!! Also! the package came 3 days after I ordered it and it was packaged SO WELL! It came in a rather large box with little packaging peanuts and then the product was carefully wrapped and placed in the middle of the box. I love this set and I can't think of a reason why YOU shouldn't be getting your own? 

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Disclaimer: I was not paid or sponsored by Sedona Lace to do this review. This review is based on my own experience with the product and purely my own opinion.