Sedona Lace Brush Set Review Part 2 (eye brushes)

Friday, November 5, 2010

I've been working all day and I'm so exhausted!!! It is now 3.04am!! But I still want to finish at least part of this review tonight.

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 Eye Shading Brush

OMG! This brush is perfect for cleaning the dust off my chicklet  keyboard. 

No really, I like this brush, its not my favorite brush, but good for loose mineral shadows and pigments. The color comes out to be quite intense, so I would use this brush for packing on colors or if you want to use windshield wiping motion to pack on some shadow base.This is like MAC 239 ($24.5) I don't have this brush so can't compare.

I used the Sedona Lace eye shading brush for this picture. Not bad *sorry I didn't take a picture of this brush >.<)

Medium Angled Shading 

One of my favorite brushes from this set!!! 

Since this brush is used for under the brow bone and corners, I decided to compare it to its twin in MAC world MAC 275 ($24.50). I made "v"s with the two different brushes to show you the different looks the 2 brushes make.  So which one is better? MAC vs. Sedona Lace (medium angled shading brush)

And the verdict is....Sedona Lace wins! I love the soft blended look that the SL brush can give. It is forgiving. For those who are not so confident with your color placement or how far you want to go with the color, this brush is perfect for that. Of course, there are times where you wish the color can just go on your lids so you don't have to reload 1000 times, so maybe MAC 275 is better for those situations. Since most of us are not makeup experts, going with a softer medium angled shadow brush is more forgiving and will hide your oopsies!

Want to know how the other Sedona Lace brushes compare?? 
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