Happy Holidays from San Francisco

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!! A little late but wishing every one a very warm an happy holiday!

I know I've been leaving my blog alone for too long!! But I've been super busy!!! No excuse, but here is the look I did for Christmas!

It is similar to the festive holiday look, but I just took out some things and lightened it up a little in case you are wondering here is the video for the original look. You can skip the duo adhesive, because I found it to be a little flaky when I used it.

Here is a close up of the eyes. Let me know if you guys want an updated tutorial on this look!

Lots of great food, but I was invited to a Christmas Eve dinner! Of course I had to bring something. So I decided to get 6 gigantic Korean pears and wrap them up nicely. Also a bottle of red wine. What's a dinner without wine?

Cute? What do you guys think?

We ended up having prime rib, baked potatoes, and salad.

What was for dessert you ask? A peach mousse cake from the famous Schuberts bakery of course! It was just a plain cake at first but we saw these Christmas decorations on other cakes so I asked them for the little figurines so I can decorate the cake myself! Tada!!

I hope you all had a safe and amazing holiday. The most important thing is being with the people you love. Happy holidays everyone!

Sedona Lace 15 Ultra Shimmer Palette

Monday, December 13, 2010

I finally got my Sedona Lace 15 Ultra Shimmer Palette last week! Since I'm avoiding studying for my final tomorrow I will show you some swatches of this beautiful palette!

Obviously from the name you already know the palette has 15  ultra shimmer shadows. But what YOU don't know is how PRETTY THEY ARE!!!

Here is a picture of the palette.

Why is it called ultra shimmer you ask?

This is why!!! These are some swatches from the first row plus some random ones in the palette, but you get the idea. Almost all of them have this WHIMSICAL and FAIRYTALE-like feel to them.

Here is another picture of some swatches
Depending on how light hits the colors they show up a little bit differently. Most of the colors are pretty "shimmery" and metal like, but some particular ones are shimmery AND super PIGMENTED! One of those color is the blue on the bottom left corner. I ABSOLUTELY love this color!

So of course I had to do a look with the palette and this magical color!
More vain pictures

Ok, maybe just one.

I think the colors in this palette might be a close to the metal palette, but the reason why I love this palette is because the color choices that this palette compiles for you. It has purples, blues, greens, and a few silvers. It definetely adds a pop to your eyes. Since it is almost the holidays I'm thinking this palette can create "winter wonderland" look or maybe "ice princess".

On a side note, since it is an ultra shimmer palette some of the colors don't appear super pigmented like the mattes do, but that's why it is super forgiving and it is ok to make a mistake!

The colors are shimmery and NOT sparkly.

What's the difference? Sparkly is bigger chunks of light reflecting particles, and shimmery is a super fine powder that integrates into the color. You can't see individual specks so it is feminine and can be incorporated into your everyday makeup as well.

These shadows are also bigger than the 88 or 120 palettes. They are actually full size shadows. To give you a little bit of an idea as to how big they are I will compare them to MAC shadows.

Each individual shadow is actually a tiny bit bigger than the MAC shadows, and entire palette is only $14.95!! It is a steal!!!

As I said, I love this palette and think it is a must have for the holidays and the winter!

To purchase this and more wonderful shadows and brushes from Sedona Lace please visit their website

Disclaimer: This was not a paid review. I paid for the palette myself and above is my honest opinion of the palette.

Private post

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Addtion to Pinkbox Jewelry

I have added 3 new addtions to the holiday collection on Pinkbox! Here is the preview!
To browse the whole store please visit The Pinkbox Jewelry Store

All purchases are through Paypal to ensure easy and secure checkouts.


Royal Majesty Necklace  $45.00
Made with Swarovski Crystals and pearls.
Featuring a large baroque hung on an elegant almond pearl Swarovski necklace. It will surely steal his night away.      18 in.

On the First day of Christmas Earrings    $22.00
These little Christmas Tree earrings will surely get you in the holiday spirit! Take your "tree" with you wherever you go!
Made with Swarovski Crystals
(of course you will receive a pair) 

  Winter Fairyland     $38.00
Made with pastel pink and soft purple Swarovski pearls with 3 light violet heart Swarovski crystals.
Walking in a winter FAIRYLAND!
Length adjustable

 Something Elegant     $25.00
Large Swarovski baroque that will sparkle like you wouldn't believe! Hung on a crystal bail and 16 in. chain (adjustable if longer chain needed)
Get something simple and elegant for the holiday sweaters!

Nicole at NV Beauty Giveaway

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It is officially the holidays! Yes and this means giveaway time! Nicole at NV Beauty Blogger is celebrating her one year anniversary! Here is a LINK to her giveaway, and the prizes are amazing! Make sure you check her out!
Here is a picture of the products she is giving away!

Good luck!

Signture Christmas Collection and Massive Hual (soon)

Wow, I realized how long it has been since I last blogged! I'm still really backed up from the black Friday sale orders and also sending out love packages. It is also finals time so I'm trying to work really hard girls! If you have not received your jewelry yet I promise you will soon! I have been going to the post office everyday (seriously they know me by name now) to mail out orders. Hang in there!

I have also been working on a few pieces of the Pinkbox Signiture Christmas Collection! Here are a few pictures and a sneak peak of the pieces that will be featured in the 2010 Christmas collection. They are ready to be purchased but I just haven't had time to upload them and link them. So, if you would like to grab yourself a pretty and super sparkly piece of jewelry for Christmas you should hurry!

So I just got a new camera LX5 and I haven't had time to play around with it and take really good pictures with it. So, I took these pictures on my handy dandy iphone4. Sorry for the bad quality but I will have edited pictures up soon (I hope).

Candy Dream Christmas Necklace     $30
Made with Swarovski crystals on a sterling silver chain 
(This picture does not do the necklace justice. I promise it will look so much better in person!)

More pieces to come! I will edit this post often. This is not up on the store site yet, but if you want to order just email me at ticklemyheartpink@gmail.com and I will work with you personally =]

Next,  I DID A MASSIVE HAUL!!! Of what? Hmm... let see 
over almost $800 of stuff
New camera, make up, skin care products, more makeup, Sedona Lace products, Juicy clothes...SO MUCH 
I will be showing you guys everything after I figure out my new camera! 

I will also be attempting to start my very own Youtube channel soon! I've been putting this off for a REALLY LONG time now. I've done make up for years but just never in front of anyone! I always felt awkward about sitting in front of a camera and talking to myself, but nonetheless I will attempt so cheer me on and wish me luck! AND if you are reading this, you better subscribe when its up! 

Lastly, thank you for all the support for the Black Friday sale. Pinkbox appreciates all your support and I will be mailing all the orders! I have been going to the post office EVERYDAY, so be patient! I have also been putting together love packages for the holidays, so if you get one share it online with everyone! I would LOVE to see all you girls in the sparkly jewelry! 

That is all for now! Goodnight