Sedona Lace 15 Ultra Shimmer Palette

Monday, December 13, 2010

I finally got my Sedona Lace 15 Ultra Shimmer Palette last week! Since I'm avoiding studying for my final tomorrow I will show you some swatches of this beautiful palette!

Obviously from the name you already know the palette has 15  ultra shimmer shadows. But what YOU don't know is how PRETTY THEY ARE!!!

Here is a picture of the palette.

Why is it called ultra shimmer you ask?

This is why!!! These are some swatches from the first row plus some random ones in the palette, but you get the idea. Almost all of them have this WHIMSICAL and FAIRYTALE-like feel to them.

Here is another picture of some swatches
Depending on how light hits the colors they show up a little bit differently. Most of the colors are pretty "shimmery" and metal like, but some particular ones are shimmery AND super PIGMENTED! One of those color is the blue on the bottom left corner. I ABSOLUTELY love this color!

So of course I had to do a look with the palette and this magical color!
More vain pictures

Ok, maybe just one.

I think the colors in this palette might be a close to the metal palette, but the reason why I love this palette is because the color choices that this palette compiles for you. It has purples, blues, greens, and a few silvers. It definetely adds a pop to your eyes. Since it is almost the holidays I'm thinking this palette can create "winter wonderland" look or maybe "ice princess".

On a side note, since it is an ultra shimmer palette some of the colors don't appear super pigmented like the mattes do, but that's why it is super forgiving and it is ok to make a mistake!

The colors are shimmery and NOT sparkly.

What's the difference? Sparkly is bigger chunks of light reflecting particles, and shimmery is a super fine powder that integrates into the color. You can't see individual specks so it is feminine and can be incorporated into your everyday makeup as well.

These shadows are also bigger than the 88 or 120 palettes. They are actually full size shadows. To give you a little bit of an idea as to how big they are I will compare them to MAC shadows.

Each individual shadow is actually a tiny bit bigger than the MAC shadows, and entire palette is only $14.95!! It is a steal!!!

As I said, I love this palette and think it is a must have for the holidays and the winter!

To purchase this and more wonderful shadows and brushes from Sedona Lace please visit their website 

Disclaimer: This was not a paid review. I paid for the palette myself and above is my honest opinion of the palette.