Michelle Phan Spring Hong Kong Demonstration

Monday, January 31, 2011

Everyone loves Michelle Phan (well almost everyone). Regardless if you like Michelle Phan or not you cannot deny her talent and diligence in her passion for art. Behind every successful person there is a little bit of luck involved, how did you think Penicillin was discovered? Before you read on, I must say I am biased because I love Michelle not because of her appearance and not because of her voice, but because of her endurance.  Michelle started as an ordinary college student struggling to get by grueling schoolwork and living on meager allowance, but by chance she started making these videos per her blog fan's requests. Even then, if she was not talented she would not have been able to capture such a wide variety of audience. I personally really admire Michelle as an aspiring artist and a strong female figure.

Making Youtube videos is not an easy job! There is so much that goes into a video. For every minute of a video 10 times as much work was put into preparing it, editing it to posting it. I can say from experience, since I recently started a Youtube beauty channel, that posting an exceptional video is truly like crafting a piece of art. I personally struggled with numerous obstacles, from lighting, to background to equipment and even noise issues.

I have to admit, I do follow and watch Michelle's videos religiously. Whether it is out of curiosity or appreciation for art I can appreciate every minute of her videos because I know how much work was put in in exchange for these videos. Granted yes she is successful now, and she is making money from her viewer's support but how is it any different from buying your favorite artist's new album, or watching your favorite actor's new movie? I cannot stop the comments but I just wanted to express the foolishness of such acts. They are totally unnecessary. Besides, how can anyone become popular and get media attention without a little hatred and negative news?

Enough babbling, I wanted to share with you guys Michelle's recent spring makeup demonstration. The reason I am sharing this video with you is because it took place in Hong Kong!! Yes, if you know me personally you should know that I am from Hong Kong. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, so I anything that has to do with Hong Kong always sparks my interest. This spring look was created by all Lancome products, but of course if you do not HAVE to use these specific products. Enjoy this enchanting spring look!

This has inspired me to film a spring tutorial. Who knows, maybe I will upload one soon. =]

The Stylish Blogger Award

Monday, January 17, 2011

I have been insanely busy with life and Sedona Lace and school is starting tomorrow so I haven't been able to do ANYTHING!

I have recently uploaded a video about Hello Kitty hitting the Sephora stores and sephora.com
Check it out if you love Hello Kitty!

I was honored to have been awarded "The Stylish Blogger Award".

This award is a little special because you are suppose to sure 7 random things about yourself and then spread the award to 15 RECENTLY DISCOVERED bloggers. BUT, since I really haven't been active in the blogging world I can't think of 15 recently discovered blogs. So, I will link this award to the person who awarded me. Her name is Sugar and she is the sweetest girl ever! Check out her blog HERE

Alright here goes the 7 random things about myself:

1) I LOVE food. I love any type of food, but Japanese is my ultimate favorite. If I could I would eat it EVERY SINGLE day of my life and I probably wouldn't get tired of it either.

2) I love anything that has pearls or roses as ingredients in them.

3) Absolutely an animal lover!

4) I can speak 4 languages fluently 

5) If I could collect anything I would collect heels, purses, and jewelry (wouldn't we all?)

6) I hate putting lotion on my body. I have no idea why I don't like putting the actual lotion on, but I love to buy lotion because they smell good.

7) Lastly, I sing in the car and in the shower. Its like there is an automatic switch in me and whenever I get in the car or shower I start singing.

Ok, that is all! I hope I didn't bore you guys to death! I will be putting up a video soon so please support and subscribe! <3


I wanted to give Robin at Beautyburg a shout out because she hosted this giveaway for the Sephora mini polishes and I WON!! I'll post the picture below. I wish I took a picture of it before I took it all out so I'll use the picture she posted. Thank you Robin, because of you I have been addicted to doing my nails again. I've given up nails for so long, but now I'm doing nails again! <3

Black vs. Pink Sedona Lace Brush set

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pink makeup brushes have been the signature look for Sedona Lace brush sets, but we realized that not everyone wants pink (sadly) so we brought black brushes in stock as well!

Ironically, when we brought the black brushes in stock everyone is now asking about the pink ones, which is out of stock until the end of Feb.

I know it must be hard choosing between these brushes just by looking at the pictures online. So I decided to do a video comparison of these brushes for you guys. If you have your heart set on the pink ones still, please be patient SL will bring them back ASAP.

Basically, the pink and black brushes are identical. The black brushes are somewhat "better" than the pink ones because they have been improving in quality on particular brushes. The duo fibre brush is now softer and more even, and it also does not shed anymore. Due to the nature of goat hair the angle contour brush sometimes had a funny smell to it, but now the smell has been minimized as well.

A while ago, some of Sedona Lace's pink brush sets had some quality control problems, such as shedding, bleeding, and some even had loose furrules, but I would like to ensure all of you that ALL of those problems have been fixed. Please rest assure that when you brushes purchase from Sedona Lace you are not only getting a bargain for quality brushes, you are also getting one of a kind customer service experience. If you should experience any quality deficiency on Sedona Lace brushes, please contact the Sedona Lace team and I promise that you will not be disappointed.

I hope this addressed some of the questions on brushes. Watch the video for detailed comparison!

My New Obsession: Chanel Nouvelle Vague

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have found my new obsession!! I have been super busy lately and as usual forgetting about my blog, but here I am to tell you guys about this amazing color. I know this is not a new color or new collection, but I'm still in love with the color. It is a Tiffany green color with a little tiny bit of a sheen to it. I don't think I can dislike anything Chanel, and same goes for this color. Nouvelle Vague is almost like putting a Tiffany box color on your nails. A total luxury for your nails and your eyes! It retails for $25, but I'm not sure if retailers still has them in stock. If Chanel is a little bit over your budget you can opt for For Audry by China Glaze. I can't say that it is an exactly dupe but it is as close as anyone is going to get!

Aside from this luxurious green I'm also really obsessed with greige right now. In case you don't know, "greige" is a color between gray and beige. I'm actually really loving the color in Particuliere by Chanel.

Enough babbling! I have a HUGE haul coming up for you so please stay tuned! If you haven't seen my latest haul video please go view and subscribe!! For your convenience just click below!

It is a mini haul from pretty & cute hope you guys enjoy it!