Black vs. Pink Sedona Lace Brush set

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pink makeup brushes have been the signature look for Sedona Lace brush sets, but we realized that not everyone wants pink (sadly) so we brought black brushes in stock as well!

Ironically, when we brought the black brushes in stock everyone is now asking about the pink ones, which is out of stock until the end of Feb.

I know it must be hard choosing between these brushes just by looking at the pictures online. So I decided to do a video comparison of these brushes for you guys. If you have your heart set on the pink ones still, please be patient SL will bring them back ASAP.

Basically, the pink and black brushes are identical. The black brushes are somewhat "better" than the pink ones because they have been improving in quality on particular brushes. The duo fibre brush is now softer and more even, and it also does not shed anymore. Due to the nature of goat hair the angle contour brush sometimes had a funny smell to it, but now the smell has been minimized as well.

A while ago, some of Sedona Lace's pink brush sets had some quality control problems, such as shedding, bleeding, and some even had loose furrules, but I would like to ensure all of you that ALL of those problems have been fixed. Please rest assure that when you brushes purchase from Sedona Lace you are not only getting a bargain for quality brushes, you are also getting one of a kind customer service experience. If you should experience any quality deficiency on Sedona Lace brushes, please contact the Sedona Lace team and I promise that you will not be disappointed.

I hope this addressed some of the questions on brushes. Watch the video for detailed comparison!