My New Obsession: Chanel Nouvelle Vague

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have found my new obsession!! I have been super busy lately and as usual forgetting about my blog, but here I am to tell you guys about this amazing color. I know this is not a new color or new collection, but I'm still in love with the color. It is a Tiffany green color with a little tiny bit of a sheen to it. I don't think I can dislike anything Chanel, and same goes for this color. Nouvelle Vague is almost like putting a Tiffany box color on your nails. A total luxury for your nails and your eyes! It retails for $25, but I'm not sure if retailers still has them in stock. If Chanel is a little bit over your budget you can opt for For Audry by China Glaze. I can't say that it is an exactly dupe but it is as close as anyone is going to get!

Aside from this luxurious green I'm also really obsessed with greige right now. In case you don't know, "greige" is a color between gray and beige. I'm actually really loving the color in Particuliere by Chanel.

Enough babbling! I have a HUGE haul coming up for you so please stay tuned! If you haven't seen my latest haul video please go view and subscribe!! For your convenience just click below!

It is a mini haul from pretty & cute hope you guys enjoy it!