The Stylish Blogger Award

Monday, January 17, 2011

I have been insanely busy with life and Sedona Lace and school is starting tomorrow so I haven't been able to do ANYTHING!

I have recently uploaded a video about Hello Kitty hitting the Sephora stores and
Check it out if you love Hello Kitty!

I was honored to have been awarded "The Stylish Blogger Award".

This award is a little special because you are suppose to sure 7 random things about yourself and then spread the award to 15 RECENTLY DISCOVERED bloggers. BUT, since I really haven't been active in the blogging world I can't think of 15 recently discovered blogs. So, I will link this award to the person who awarded me. Her name is Sugar and she is the sweetest girl ever! Check out her blog HERE

Alright here goes the 7 random things about myself:

1) I LOVE food. I love any type of food, but Japanese is my ultimate favorite. If I could I would eat it EVERY SINGLE day of my life and I probably wouldn't get tired of it either.

2) I love anything that has pearls or roses as ingredients in them.

3) Absolutely an animal lover!

4) I can speak 4 languages fluently 

5) If I could collect anything I would collect heels, purses, and jewelry (wouldn't we all?)

6) I hate putting lotion on my body. I have no idea why I don't like putting the actual lotion on, but I love to buy lotion because they smell good.

7) Lastly, I sing in the car and in the shower. Its like there is an automatic switch in me and whenever I get in the car or shower I start singing.

Ok, that is all! I hope I didn't bore you guys to death! I will be putting up a video soon so please support and subscribe! <3


I wanted to give Robin at Beautyburg a shout out because she hosted this giveaway for the Sephora mini polishes and I WON!! I'll post the picture below. I wish I took a picture of it before I took it all out so I'll use the picture she posted. Thank you Robin, because of you I have been addicted to doing my nails again. I've given up nails for so long, but now I'm doing nails again! <3