Gradient Nail Tutorial

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This tutorial will show you how to achieve a gradient nail tutorial that will make your nail have an illusion of being longer! This is perfect for people who have shorter nail beds and want to make them look longer. It is quite simple! All you need is 3 polishes: base coat, sheer nail color, and a top coat. For the sake of simplicity I'm using all three polishes from Pa. If you cannot find this brand, that is completely fine because you can use any color any brand of nail polish. So, paint as your heart desires! 

If you don't have a sparkly nail polish that is sheer, you can also use a sheer nail polish for the gradient effect and then at the end add a coat of polish with sparkles in it. The sparkles are important because sometimes the gradient won't be so smooth, and you might be able to see the transitions between the coats. Sparkles will reduce the apparent lines between the coats and reflect like in different direction to mask this undesirable effect.

Enjoy the nail tutorial!