Naruko Haul

Thursday, March 3, 2011


My Naruko haul came last week! So excited!!

For those who don't know, Naruko is developed by a skincare guru 牛爾, who is a frequent guest on the Taiwanese show 女人我最大 (Queen) which is also my favorite show.

You can purchase Naruko products on the official website   Please note that, there has been recent fakes of Naruko distributed online through ebay and other third party private sellers. If you are interested in purchasing Naruko products please purchase from the website directly or from official distributors mentioned on the website.

The website is in Chinese, but maybe you can you can use google translate to translate product descriptions. The only compliant I have of Naruko is the shipping. Shipping is $400 NTW (about $15) base fee on all order plus a percentage of your purchase. This means no matter what you are buying you are paying at least $15 for shipping plus the percentage. The percentage is calculated according to the total amount you are buying. The more you buy, the smaller the percentage. For more details regarding shipping please refer to the naruko international shipping page

Shipping was pretty expensive, the total divided by the amount of items I got evens out to be $15 or less per item, which is reasonable. It is just the fact of paying $50 for shipping for $90 worth of products that really gets me. Regardless, it was money well spent.

Let get right into the products!

Naruko Facial Spa Cotton Pads

This is very comparable if not identical to the Shiseido cotton pads. It is very big in size and super high quality. I bought 3 boxes which comes with 60 pads so 180 pads total in the 3 boxes.

This is my favorite line is the Magnolia brightening and firming line
I got the set from left to right ( Firming spray, firming serum, travel size firming spray)

These smell AMAZING, and it really does firm up your skin after 1 use.

Narcissus Total Defense: Night Repairing Dew

This repairing dew is designed to promote repair during the night time. The texture is very thick and sticky almost gelatinous, but it absorbs very fast. Use this one with a cotton pad  and use gentle padding and swapping motion.

Marjoram and Lavender Serum. I haven't tried this yet. Will update you guys later

Next up is the night gelly!

From right to left (rose and snow fungus, Marjoram and Lavender, Magnolia, and Job's tears)

These night gellies are AMAZING too! They smell amazing all have different specialties. The rose line is for hydration, lavender for repair, magnolia for brightening and firming and Job's tears for UV damage repair.

Use this as the last step of your skincare routine, almost like a night pack that you leave on overnight. The next morning when you wake up you will feel refreshed

and your skin will feel hydrated because it has been drinking water all night long!

Texture of night gelly

A free sample of the Aqua cubic Moisture
This is part of Fuzkittie's favorite line in Naruko and I believe she is currently using this moisturizer in her daily routine as well!

See Fuz's video to see how she uses her Naruko products! <3

I also got 3 free samples of the hand creams in rose, lavender, and white moss. Each hand cream feels different. The rose has sparkles in the cream, lavender is very light and almost gel like, and white moss is very thick and moisturizing. They all smell great as well!

I almost forgot! Naruko is very big on being natural so all the products are paraben free. That means you have to finish the product as soon as possible after opening it. Also, Naruko is environmentally friendly as well. Every box that comes with the product can be used and folded into something else that is useful. Every box has a difference design inside as well. The paper is printed with soy ink and the quality is superb.
Don't you love all the pretty designs inside?

Instructions for folding your boxes (this one is for business cards)

That's it for now! If you have any questions about Naruko related products or how to order please feel free to leave me a comment below or email me directly! Happy shopping, and cheers to beautiful women all around the world!

<3 Jenny