Refreshing Summer Look Tutorial

Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer is almost here! Look refreshed and protected for summer! Enjoy the Tutorial!

Product list and where to purchase:

Naruko Magnolia brightening spray
Naruko Magnolia brightening serum
Anessa by Shiseido SPF 50 sunscreen
Clean and Clear grapefruit blotting silks
Kevin Beautymaker concealer in #2
Dior Skin Nude compact
Ocusoft eyelid wipe
Nars Shadow Primer
Dior Extase Pink Palette
Koji Dolly wink liquid liner
PA lashes (I don’t remember the name of these particular lashes)
Maybelline highlight crayon in “fluffy cloud” 
Lioele Carry me blush in #1 Cutie pink
Dior Addict lipstick in  Singuliere

Japan Tsunami Donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello everyone!! The day is finally here!! I have donated all the money we raised for the Japan Tsunami relieve!!! Bobo (my dog) would like to make a special entrance for this very special event! See video below!


I will post a more detailed post of how I arrived at this grand total later.   

We have raised $804.44 from this blog sale. Here I would like to thank everyone who has supported this blog sale. Special thanks for Fuzkittie for donating so many things to support me  and this blog sale. She jokes and says I helped her do spring cleaning so she can haul more instead! Regardless, thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate you and love you!!!!  <3

Next, I would like to thank Coretta also known as JieJie for mailing all of her items here from Singapore. Your compassion and beauty shines through your actions, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me and joining me in this special event for Japan.

Of course, I cannot miss the ever so cute cutie fishball  aka Olivia. Thank you for offering your proceeds to your own blog sale for this fund raiser! I am so touched by your gesture and also impressed by all of your artistic creations. You are truly amazing!

I saved the best for last! Thank you Jessica Lee for all of your hard work and dedication. Despite your busy schedule you still took pictures of everything and shipped it all the way from New York to California for this blog sale. I am very touched by all the effort and kindness you have shown. Sorry I totally butchered your name in the video title but I corrected it! >.~

To thank every single one of you generous donators I have personally put together 4 different packages for each of you as a little thank you for supporting me and this blog sale. I purchased every single item in your packages to show my sincere gratitude towards all of you. I am so grateful to have met all of you, especially Coretta since you are all the way in Singapore, but this did not stop you from wanting to help the people in need that were affected in the Japan Tsunami. I am so happy that I got to know all of you better through this amazing experience. Words cannot describe my gratitude towards all of you. So, I'm here to say, thank you again.

March Likes and Dislikes

Thursday, April 7, 2011

If you are here, and hopefully you got here by my new domain name "" Yes!!! I have made it easier for you guys to type so that you can come see all the crazy hauls I do and all the products I mention in the videos just in case you didn't catch it. 

If you haven't already please go to my NEW facebook fanpage and "like" it because I will be interacting with all of you there!!

I know this is a little late, but better late than never right?

For the month of March 2011:

Dior skin nude line
Naruko rose and fungus aqua cubic moisturizer
Korres guava body butter
Korres rice grain lip scrub
Bow ring
Essie Chinchilly
Chanel Nail polish- Rose Confidential  (gift from Fuzkittie)
Dior Addict lipstick
Lioele Carry me blush
Neutrogena baby suncreen

Victorias secret lip scrub
Kenra moisturizing shampoo
HORRIBLE ENDING for TVB drama "Only You'
Neutrogena pure and free liquid sunscreen
Biotherm aquasource non stop
Naruko face wash
K-palette eyeliner 

That's all for now!!! How did you guys like the new background??

Spring Naruko Sephora and Ulta haul

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring is here!! What better excuse but to buy more "Spring suitable" skincare and makeup? YES! It is another haul time! I have been using Naruko for about 2 months and and really I have absolutely no complaints about it. Not everything will smell great to you so be prepared. If you don't like herbal scents such as lavender then Naruko may not be the best skincare line for you. Also, Naruko was formulated for Asian skin, hence it will work better on Asian skin types of course. You can purchase Naruko products from Don't try to purchase from other 3rd parties. Recently Imomoko  and Sasa also started selling Naruko as well so if you don't want to pay the hefty shipping from the main website you can go these reputable websites instead!

Here we go!!
Naruko Haul 

(left to right) You're a Doll, I'll take the cake, You don't know Jacques!

Dior quint in 034 Gris-Gris

Diorskin Nude in 020 Beige Praline

Product list:

Rose & Snow Fungus aqua cubic serum
Rose & Snow Fungus aqua cubic moisturizer
Rose & Snow Fungus aqua cubic night eye gelly
Rose & Snow Fungus aqua cubic night gelly
Rosehip oil
Narcissus Total Defense eye essence cream
Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid soothing white hydra milk
Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acidsoothing white hydra essence
Apple Seed & Tranexamic Acid  soothing white serum
My beauty diary black pearl mask 10pc

Essie Nail Polish:
Fun in the gondola

OPI Nail Polish:
You're a Doll
I'll take the cake
You don't know Jacques!
Barefoot in Barcelona
Brisbane Bronze
(Unknown red) because the sticker came off

Dior quint in 034 Gris-Gris
Diorskin Nude in 020 Beige Praline (My all time favorite traveling powder!)

Hair Color Mystery Answered (KAO Prettia Bubble Hair Dye)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

So, I have been asked a lot lately what color my hair is. It is actually called Golden Brown or Royal Brown (I'm not really sure what the English translation is) by KAO Prettia. You can purchase Prettia Here!!!

The special thing about this dye is that it is actually a foam instead of a gel texture. That means, you can evenly dye your hair just like are you shampooing your hair! Because of the foam texture it coats the hair more evenly since it takes up more surface area. Coverage wise it has high coverage. It WILL cover whatever color you had before, but it does not cover grey hair well. This makes sense because when you dye grey hair anything close to yellow or brown it just starts looking grey again. (did that even make sense?) That is actually one of the thing I like about this dye the most, the fact that it covers the previous colors and makes your hair one uniformed color after just 1 dye! Of course, this was only my personal experience. It may work differently on everyone. If you had purple and green before don't expect it to cover perfectly. My point is, be realistic about the results. I had highlights before and also my roots were a lot darker than the rest of my hair, but after using Prettia the colors just blended together. I have used this twice now and I refuse to use anything else!!

I hope this was helpful to you guys! I know I kept my hair color a secret for the longest time, but wonder no more! Now you can have the same hair color too!