Hair Color Mystery Answered (KAO Prettia Bubble Hair Dye)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

So, I have been asked a lot lately what color my hair is. It is actually called Golden Brown or Royal Brown (I'm not really sure what the English translation is) by KAO Prettia. You can purchase Prettia Here!!!

The special thing about this dye is that it is actually a foam instead of a gel texture. That means, you can evenly dye your hair just like are you shampooing your hair! Because of the foam texture it coats the hair more evenly since it takes up more surface area. Coverage wise it has high coverage. It WILL cover whatever color you had before, but it does not cover grey hair well. This makes sense because when you dye grey hair anything close to yellow or brown it just starts looking grey again. (did that even make sense?) That is actually one of the thing I like about this dye the most, the fact that it covers the previous colors and makes your hair one uniformed color after just 1 dye! Of course, this was only my personal experience. It may work differently on everyone. If you had purple and green before don't expect it to cover perfectly. My point is, be realistic about the results. I had highlights before and also my roots were a lot darker than the rest of my hair, but after using Prettia the colors just blended together. I have used this twice now and I refuse to use anything else!!

I hope this was helpful to you guys! I know I kept my hair color a secret for the longest time, but wonder no more! Now you can have the same hair color too!