Vlog: High Tea and Wedding + My Signature Look

Monday, May 30, 2011

This was my first vlog! It is funny and I hope you guys enjoy it!

For the complete outfit please see this video!

And now, for my signature look that I was wearing in the vlog video.

My signature look is actually really easy to achieve. It is tailored for Asian eyes because it enlarges your eyes by combining lashes, circle lenses, and dark shadows. Just because it is a smokey eye does not mean you smudge black all over to look like a panda. Just watch it, you'll see what I mean.

 Now on to the vlog. I think the part I enjoyed the most was trying on the hats!

The hats were provided by the tea place called "Tyme for Tea". It is located in Fremont, California. The reason I like high tea-ing because I feel like a little girl putting on a tea party. Yes yes it is childish, sue me. =]

The decor is so clean and girlie! I love it! The place is actually really big and has different sections dedicated to different antiques. Looking at all these tea sets makes me want to get a set!

Everyone gets different tea sets, and here is mine <3

I had the mango black tea. It was so yummy!!

 First course is warm cranberry scone

 2nd course: 5 different sandwiches

3rd course: dessert

High tea was really fun! I am now on a mission to try all the tea places I can find!!

Did you guys enjoy the vlog? Let me know what you guys think of these videos!!

What did you guys do for the weekend? Please share!


Review: Boscia & Dr, Jart BB cream

Saturday, May 21, 2011

They are FINALLY HERE!!! Before you start reading I must warn you that I wrote this review under great bias because I have tried a lot of Asian BB creams and I held these new BB creams to high expectations. Granted even if I rate some of these products a "C" grade they are still better than some tinted moisturizers on the market.

In case you didn't read the title today I will be talking about BB creams that you can get here in the States. A little about BB cream first.

BB cream stands for "Blemish Balm", and was originally designed and formulated for post-cosmetic surgery patients to cover up any residual scaring until they can fully recover. It found its place in the cosmetic industry in recent years and is now finally in the US.

The reason why it took so long for BB creams to reach here from Asia is because of the strict laws that we have. All cosmetics sold in departments stores have to be FDA approved. Although that does say much, it is still a long grueling process for companies to obtain the license to distribute products with these formulas.

Before BB creams we only had tinted moisturizers, and even before that we only had foundations. Now we can practice the ultimate laziness by just applying BB cream and call it a day. BB creams not only have coverage like a tinted moisturizer it usually contains skin care properties and of course that includes moisturizing and SPF properties as well.

I like to give letter grades because we are all fimiliar with the grading system. Here are my standards:

A= Must have
B= Don't like so much, but worth a try
C= Good thing I didn't buy it, if I did I returned it
D= Don't even bother
F= This product shouldn't have been made

+/- along with these letters are just for reference and how relative they are to the next letter grade up or down.

These are just  my personal opinion. I think new products are still worthy to be experimented with before you make a definitive decision about keep the product or not. If you are curious about any product go try it! =]

The first BB cream sold at Sephora was this Dr. Jart brand.

Dr. Jart+ Water fuse Beauty Balm

These Dr. Jart ones are pretty expensive. The water fuse one retails for $32 and Premium one for $39. I have tried both of them and I did not like either one.

The water drop has full coverage and is less oily because the SPF is lower. Although the trade off is the HORRIBLE packaging. This tube will get messy when you travel. It tends to squeeze out and make a big mess. It does offer UVA and UVB protection which is the most important thing for me. Even Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizers do not have this. I am baffled.

Overall: C+

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm

The premium beauty balm I actually purchased and tried it for a week. I think it is a decent BB cream, but even for combination skin this was WAY too oily. It made me look like a disco ball even after setting it with powder. It went straight back to Sephora.

Overall: B-

Let's get on to the newest realease by Boscia!

This one is the worst one of them all! I was EXTREMELY disapointed by Boscia. Usually Boscia products are decent and is known for their all natural ingredients and finish on the skin, but this BB cream... made me speechless.

How do I put this...it is sparkly!!! WHY would anyone make BB creams sparkly? That's like putting Lipsmacker ingredients in a Chanel foundation. Did that even make sense?

My point is, for the price $38 Boscia should have made this more worthwhile. Instead, I feel like I'm putting on a kid's moisturizer on my face.

The texture from the tube is initially creamy, BUT as soon as you smooth it on your face it quickly turns into a watery texture. So, you would think watery texture means nice dewy finish right? WRONG! It sinks into your fine lines and dries with sparkles to accent those lines. One word: FAIL!

Although I hated it doesn't mean others wont' like it. If you want a light shimmery finish then this is probably the only BB cream you will find in the US market that will satisfy you. 

Overall: C+

That's all for now! I hope this helped those of you that were debating on getting these BB creams. They are not so horrible that they shouldn't be on the market. I just think there are better alternatives from Asian brands. The BB cream formula is still being perfected in the US. For now, I will recommend sticking with Asian brands like Legere, Skin 79, and Lioele.

Beauty.com haul and more!

I don't know how you guys feel about haul videos. Please leave me a comment about your feelings towards these haul videos. I have been hearing some complaints. I can understand why some people would be bothered by these videos, but these videos are high requested by you guys. My sole purpose for these videos is to share with you guys my feelings on these products and maybe you will see something that you have wanted to try or heard before. These haul videos have some "review" component to them and are not ONLY "I got this and I got that". I try to use the most of the products before I film these videos so that at least you guys can get an idea of how the product works and the strengths and weaknesses of the products.

Enough babbling here we go!

I purchased everything from beauty.com when they had their friends and family 20% off so everything was super affordable!

First I picked up this Jurlique brightening cleanser

As promised here the ingredients in the cleaner. I've used this cleanser a few times and I LOVE IT!!! Yes!! I do! Why? Because this is such a great balance between a stripping cleaner and a moisturizing mild cleanser. It is the perfect medium, I definitely think it is worth a try!

Such pretty packaging!

Next, I found the PERFECT finishing powder! It smells like roses too!

The best thing about this powder is its packaging! The jar comes with holes and a puff so you don't have to take off the top and carry a brush everywhere! Isn't that THE BEST packaging for powder? I wish they made all the powders like this!

From right to left, Orgasm, Deep throat, Mata Hari

I love Nars blushes because they are have just the right amount of pigment and glides on so evenly! Big love!

These blenders feel so soft and dense I can't wait to try them!

Next are the YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15.

Left to right: #1 Nude beige, #8 Fetish pink

These are the most CREAMY and SOFT lipsticks ever!!! And honestly these are the only lipsticks that look exactly like the color of the lipstick itself and on your lips. The color literately transfers EXACTLY from the lipstick to you lips without loosing ANY intensity! I have found my HG lippies!

Last but not least I also found a convenient body sunscreen: Neutragena cooling spray spf 45 sunscreen and estee lauder advanced night repair eye serum. I don't have a picture of them so you can just watch the video!

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul!! I loved everything I got! Usually I have to end up returning something because it didn't work out but this time I'M KEEPING everything!

That's it for now. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Review: Beautybridge.com- Too Faced Brow Envy kit

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Forest from Beautybridge.com reached out to me about a month ago and I had the honor of picking out an item for reviewing purposes. For the detailed review of the company please review below!

I'm sure you are all familiar with the brand Too Faced and that is part of the reason why I picked this kit! To purchase this kit just visit Beauty Bridge here.

I know, I know the cover doesn't have Hello Kitty or Rilalkkuma on it. In fact it kind of looks like Ursula took a picture of her right eye and slapped it on there. Nonetheless, this kit is pretty amazing in its own ways.  Let's take a look inside!

Whether you are a a blonde, brunette, or whatever color hair you have this kit offers 2 shades of brown that you can use independently or in conjunction to achieve that perfect shade for your brows.

The inside isn't so bad right? This case includes a wax, 2 shades of brown, tweezers, an angled brush, brow pencil with spoolie, and 3 templates, useful right? I usually get my brows waxed at the Benefit brow bar in downtown San Francisco, but sometimes I just get so busy and can't make it down there. What do you do when you have brows getting out of control? Fear no more! This kit is pretty fool proof. Just follow the instructions on the back of the packaging!

Although, I have to say. This kit fixes the shape of your brows but if your brow hair is too long...then...you are all out of luck. JUST KIDDING! No, really, just carefully use a brow comb and comb all the hair in upwards motion and trim off a little bit at a time. Make sure you take it slow, because after you cut it the hair won't grow back for a while.

A last look at all the components of this kit.

The tweezers included are pretty close in quality to Tweezerman! I would say that alone is already a good buy, considering Tweezerman run about $23 retail.

I personally use the lighter shade of brown, but really you can use either one or mix to get the color you desire. Here is a swatch of the powder and brow pencil.

(from top to bottom) dark powder, light powder, pencil
Overall: B+

  • 2 shades of brown
  • soft wax, easy to work with
  • great tweezers
  • fool proof templates
  • bulky packaging
  • templates may not fit everyone
  • the cover...is scary (to me anyway)
  • may be pricy for some
FTC: I was not compensated for this review nor am I affiliated with beautybridge in any way. I was given the however provided with the product for reviewing purposes.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have been asked all of these questions below.  I thought I would share them publically, and let it serve as my “get to know me” page. Enjoy!

Q: How tall are you?
A: I am 5’4” (yes, the most typical Asian girl height)

Q: What ethnicity are you?
A: I am 100% Chinese. Born and raised in Hong Kong.

Q: Can you speak Chinese?
A: Yup!! I speak Cantonese, Mandarian, and Shanghainese. 

Q: What does “misojenny” mean? Do you like miso soup?
A: Funny story. I am very particular about the things I like, and my friend suggested “Me So Jenny” for my channel name.  Surprisingly, the username was taken.  So we put a spin on it and made it “misojenny.  Oh, and do I like Miso soup? YES!!

Q: You make Jewelry? Where can I see your collection?
A: I have been making jewelry as a hobby since I was in college (long time ago). I started a little boutique online and I'm in the process of moving the boutique to Etsy.comhttp://www.etsy.com/shop/leChicBleu  It is not finished yet, but you can view some of the pieces here.

Q: What is your favorite cosmetic/ Skincare brand?
A: It would be impossible to pick just one brand. Companies are always releasing new products and therefore my “favorite” is always evolving.  However, the following list of companies has consistently outperformed their competitors in my opinion.

Not in any particular order
·         Guerlain
·         SUQQU
·         Albion
·         Lunasol: Kanebo
·         Makeup Forever
·         Chanel
·         Shiseido
·         Naruko
I’m probably missing some but you can get a pretty good idea what products I like from my videos.

Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: I played the piano for 11 years.

Q: How do you have money to buy all these things?
A: I think it is just how you prioritize and spend your money.  Granted we have a very wide social economical range, but I don’t think I spend so extravagantly that none of my viewers can experience the same products as well.  

Q: Why do you only like the expensive brands?
A: When I was younger I used drugstore products (I still do sometimes), but as I became more economically capable I was able to try the higher end products.  It doesn’t mean I won’t buy something unless it is expensive.  It just means I really appreciate the quality of these products, and I’m willing to spend a little extra to get the craftsmanship and quality.  This is definitely a personal choice.  Sometimes a $5 hand cream is just as good as the $30 one.
More questions? Please leave a comment below with your question and I'll see if I can add it to the list! Thanks so much for reading!

Essie Haul Swatches

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As promised here are the swatches of all the Essie nail polishes I hauled and mentioned in the video.

Ready? Here are the swatches!!

1.       Fiji
2.       Marabou
3.       Sugar daddy
4.       Ballet slippers
5.       Breezy beach
6.       Eternal optimist
7.       Flawless
8.       Santa fe mauve
9.       Mod squad
10.   Watermelon
11.   No boundaries
12.   Jumpin junkanoo
13.   Honey bun
14.   Click it or ticket
15.   California coral
16.   Cute as a button
17.   Lapis of luxury

I gave a few away already so I don't have all of them here to show you, but 17 is still a lot right? I went out and got the brightest white paper I could find so that all of them can look true to color. If you guys end up going out to get any of these colors let me know how you like them!
Essie nail polishes have a smaller brush than OPI, so if you have small fingernails like me that is a huge plus! Personally, when picking a nail polish I care more about the quality than the brand. Normally, OPI, Essie, and PA have the best opacity and ease of application. Still, some drugstore nail polishes, like Sally Hanson and Revlon, put out certain color that are great. I do have some Sally and Revlon but most of my collection is OPI, Essie, and PA. But I pick quality over brand any day. Let me know if you guys have any other questions!!

Sephora, Gifts and White Iphone 4

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hi guys! I know I promised you guys swatches of all the Essie nail polishes but I am SUPER duper busy this week so I will update this post this weekend with the swatches. Meanwhile, I have the product list for the most recent haul video for your guys!

From Sephora:

Dr Jart Beauty balm multiaction SPF 45
Shiseido Urban environment sunscreen spf 35
Dior addict: baby rose, diorissime
Sephora professional concealer brush
Dior skinflash primer
Philosophy purity made simple face wash
Jack Black lip balm

Philosophy jumbo sized amazing grace shower gel

Physician’s formula eye booster 2 in 1 liner
Caudalie vinoperfect radiance serum

Essie nail polish (will update swatches and colors soon!)
White Iphone 4!
Hello kitty loungefly case

April Likes and Dislikes

Monday, May 2, 2011

I can't believe it is May already! My applications for grad school will be due soon! Wish me luck!! I need a ton of it!

Here is the April Likes and Dislikes video for you guys to enjoy.

On to the product list:

Essie Nail Polish: Eternal Optimist, Watermelon, Flawless
Modella Makeup Carring case from Walmart
Sedona Lace Kabuki  Use Promo code "misojenny" to receive $4 off your purchase
Kiehls Midnight recovery concentrate http://www.kiehls.com/
Kiehls- Avocado eye cream
Shiseido- brightening UV spot control spf 35 pa +++ Thank you Jie jie!! <3
Method- Minnie mouse foam hand wash
Lancome- Ombre duo in violet luxe

Lipfushion- lip plumber/ gloss in "sugar" www.sephora.com
Remington 3 in 1 Hair dryer from Target
Garnier Bamboo Hairspray

I always like to include more "likes" than "dislikes" because I want to share with you guys what I loved and hopefully you guys and try it too. No point in tell you guys what NOT to buy right?

OH! I also started a yelp account! So if you yelp ...or not please come join me as I eat myself to happiness! No really, please visit me and come say hi here: www.misojenny.yelp.com

That's all for now. Don't forget to check out the IMATS LA tickets giveaway hosted by Sedona Lace for your chance to win a ticket to IMATS LA this year!