Essie Haul Swatches

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As promised here are the swatches of all the Essie nail polishes I hauled and mentioned in the video.

Ready? Here are the swatches!!

1.       Fiji
2.       Marabou
3.       Sugar daddy
4.       Ballet slippers
5.       Breezy beach
6.       Eternal optimist
7.       Flawless
8.       Santa fe mauve
9.       Mod squad
10.   Watermelon
11.   No boundaries
12.   Jumpin junkanoo
13.   Honey bun
14.   Click it or ticket
15.   California coral
16.   Cute as a button
17.   Lapis of luxury

I gave a few away already so I don't have all of them here to show you, but 17 is still a lot right? I went out and got the brightest white paper I could find so that all of them can look true to color. If you guys end up going out to get any of these colors let me know how you like them!
Essie nail polishes have a smaller brush than OPI, so if you have small fingernails like me that is a huge plus! Personally, when picking a nail polish I care more about the quality than the brand. Normally, OPI, Essie, and PA have the best opacity and ease of application. Still, some drugstore nail polishes, like Sally Hanson and Revlon, put out certain color that are great. I do have some Sally and Revlon but most of my collection is OPI, Essie, and PA. But I pick quality over brand any day. Let me know if you guys have any other questions!!