Review: Boscia & Dr, Jart BB cream

Saturday, May 21, 2011

They are FINALLY HERE!!! Before you start reading I must warn you that I wrote this review under great bias because I have tried a lot of Asian BB creams and I held these new BB creams to high expectations. Granted even if I rate some of these products a "C" grade they are still better than some tinted moisturizers on the market.

In case you didn't read the title today I will be talking about BB creams that you can get here in the States. A little about BB cream first.

BB cream stands for "Blemish Balm", and was originally designed and formulated for post-cosmetic surgery patients to cover up any residual scaring until they can fully recover. It found its place in the cosmetic industry in recent years and is now finally in the US.

The reason why it took so long for BB creams to reach here from Asia is because of the strict laws that we have. All cosmetics sold in departments stores have to be FDA approved. Although that does say much, it is still a long grueling process for companies to obtain the license to distribute products with these formulas.

Before BB creams we only had tinted moisturizers, and even before that we only had foundations. Now we can practice the ultimate laziness by just applying BB cream and call it a day. BB creams not only have coverage like a tinted moisturizer it usually contains skin care properties and of course that includes moisturizing and SPF properties as well.

I like to give letter grades because we are all fimiliar with the grading system. Here are my standards:

A= Must have
B= Don't like so much, but worth a try
C= Good thing I didn't buy it, if I did I returned it
D= Don't even bother
F= This product shouldn't have been made

+/- along with these letters are just for reference and how relative they are to the next letter grade up or down.

These are just  my personal opinion. I think new products are still worthy to be experimented with before you make a definitive decision about keep the product or not. If you are curious about any product go try it! =]

The first BB cream sold at Sephora was this Dr. Jart brand.

Dr. Jart+ Water fuse Beauty Balm

These Dr. Jart ones are pretty expensive. The water fuse one retails for $32 and Premium one for $39. I have tried both of them and I did not like either one.

The water drop has full coverage and is less oily because the SPF is lower. Although the trade off is the HORRIBLE packaging. This tube will get messy when you travel. It tends to squeeze out and make a big mess. It does offer UVA and UVB protection which is the most important thing for me. Even Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizers do not have this. I am baffled.

Overall: C+

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm

The premium beauty balm I actually purchased and tried it for a week. I think it is a decent BB cream, but even for combination skin this was WAY too oily. It made me look like a disco ball even after setting it with powder. It went straight back to Sephora.

Overall: B-

Let's get on to the newest realease by Boscia!

This one is the worst one of them all! I was EXTREMELY disapointed by Boscia. Usually Boscia products are decent and is known for their all natural ingredients and finish on the skin, but this BB cream... made me speechless.

How do I put is sparkly!!! WHY would anyone make BB creams sparkly? That's like putting Lipsmacker ingredients in a Chanel foundation. Did that even make sense?

My point is, for the price $38 Boscia should have made this more worthwhile. Instead, I feel like I'm putting on a kid's moisturizer on my face.

The texture from the tube is initially creamy, BUT as soon as you smooth it on your face it quickly turns into a watery texture. So, you would think watery texture means nice dewy finish right? WRONG! It sinks into your fine lines and dries with sparkles to accent those lines. One word: FAIL!

Although I hated it doesn't mean others wont' like it. If you want a light shimmery finish then this is probably the only BB cream you will find in the US market that will satisfy you. 

Overall: C+

That's all for now! I hope this helped those of you that were debating on getting these BB creams. They are not so horrible that they shouldn't be on the market. I just think there are better alternatives from Asian brands. The BB cream formula is still being perfected in the US. For now, I will recommend sticking with Asian brands like Legere, Skin 79, and Lioele.