June JewelMint Purchase- Astoria Necklace

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm sure a lot of you have heard by now. The new exclusive jewelry club called JewelMint.

It's simple, take the free online style quiz, and according to your style the website will put together a showroom just for you. The showroom is suppose to encompass your style and jewelry taste.

To be honest, the jewelry in my showroom was not completely accurate the first time around, and this is understandable. That's why JewelMint lets you customize your showroom if you should see any pieces you dislike and when you take these pieces out of the showroom, you will have the option to choose why you didn't like those particular pieces. This way the system learns what pieces you like and what styles of jewelry you tend to go for. I thought that was pretty wicked! It's like having a personal jewelry stylist online! Plus, all of the pieces do not retail anywhere. So while you may have the same jewelry as someone else online you probably won't find these pieces in the department store worldwide.

So, finally I gave JewelMint a try and the first piece I ordered was the Astoria Necklace

I know this is usually not my style because I like dainty little things but when I saw this I couldn't hold my jaw shut! It is absolutely stunning. I knew it would be great with jeans and I just had to have it!

Depending on the piece of jewelry the boxes are different, but mine came in this mint green box with a elastic bow. Super cute right?

Along with the cute bow the packaging is very smart as well. It features a magnetic closure for that chic expensive feel.

To top everything off with a personal touch Kate and Cher (founders of JewelMint) always includes a little something about where they got the inspiration for the piece. I love it! (except I feel like a 2nd grader glued this note on the inside of the box. It was totally crooked . I found it amusing)

Now, some camwhoring

I took these pictures with the crappy front camera of my Iphone 4 so of course they look crappy as well.

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Disclaimer: I purchase everything mentioned with my own money and pictures were untouched and unedited.