Review: Circle lenses

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A lot of you ask me what circle lenses I'm wearing in videos and where to get them. Today I am sharing my secret with you guys! Just kidding, its not really a secret because I shop everywhere, but I do have to mention that you should always buy from a reputable site and seller when it comes to circle lenses because they are not regulated here in the US.

To purchase these circle lenses go to

I want to clear up a few misunderstanding about circle lenses.

Q: Are circle lenses bad?
A: No, they are not necessarily good or bad. Essentially, any foreign object you put in your eye can potentially be hazardous, and this includes ANY contacts you get. It is more about how you take care of the contacts and how long you wear them for.

Q: Will circle lenses make me blind?
A: Anything can make you blind. If you do not clean and maintain them properly it can lead to eye infections which could lead to impaired vision. Will it make you blind? That depends on how you take care of your eyes, and has nothing to do with circle lenses.

Q: How long can I wear circle lenses for?
A: Ideally, you should not wear them for more than 4-6 hours depending on the brand and the lens's permeability.

Q: How long should I keep a pair of circle lenses for?
A: Most circle lenses are annually replaced unless stated otherwise. Depending on how you clean them they may only last up to 6 months.

Q: How do I know which ones to choose?
A: This can be tricky, it is really trial and error. Listen to your eyes. "Suitable" lenses should feel like you have nothing on at all. If you feel itchy, scratchy or stinging it probably means there is something wrong.

ALRIGHT!! NOW we can start!

I picked 2 pairs of lenses for this review. Before I dive into the lenses let me rave about the packaging.

The lenses came in an envelope from Malaysia. Inside was this cute bag with lenses and a little card!

I can't believe how thoughtful this company is. Just from the way they package everything to the details of this card you can already tell that they really put their time and effort into their business. =]

Wondering why the red and black box and contact cases? Everything is COLOR COORDINATED! Yes! Sometimes I feel like I would be best friends with the owner of this website because this is exactly how I would package things too! Not to mention that the boxes are adorable!

I picked 2 pairs of lenses. The first pair is the new GEO Bambi lenses in Saseme Grey. These retail $23.90 on the website and are 25mm in diameter. Here it is!

These are GEO's newest lenses and come in 4 colors total: Green apple, Chocolate, Sesame Grey, and Almond, but Almond only comes in plano. Luckily, the other 3 are available in prescription! As you can see the enlargement is GINORMOUS! The result, huge dolly eyes, with makeup of course.

I wear these Bambis in this video

As many of you know, GEO lenses have the authenticity stickers on them to ensure that they are real and authentic from GEO. If you scratch the grey part there is a code that you can enter in on the website to check if you have the real deal. Cool huh?

I have other GEO lenses and they are really comfortable so that's why I would highly recommend GEO lenses in general. Although 15mm lenses are actually a new thing to me and I'm scared to try them!

Pink lenses were very popular and this is actually one of the most popular pink lenses that come in prescription. These are the EOS Candy Pink. The candy series have just a very simple and plain ring in color and not much design, which make it a bit special because that means more emphasis on your eyes and less on the design! These are 14.5mm so they are not as intimidating as the Bambis and they retail for $21.90 on shoppingholics. I would actually recommend this series for starters because it is simple and has pretty decent enlargement ring. It also comes in other colors that are more natural looking as well.

Whew, so that was a lot of info in one post. It seems like you guys didn't like the last post about jewelmint a lot? No one commented!! So sad!!!  I will film a review on this website and these lenses soon! You guys get a preview!! Yay!