Accessories Organization?! 小飾物整理秘密!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Although well past spring, it is never too late to organize your jewelry and accessories!
第一次用中文來寫部落格, 請多多指教!! 今天和大家分享如何整理一大堆的小飾物.

I am totally the type of person that likes to keep all the packaging and boxes. From makeup to jewelry I want to keep all the packaging because let's face it...I'm a sucker for packaging.

Jenny 其實很喜歡把所有的包裝都留下來. 可是這麼多的盒子, 怎麼辦呢?

So, to keep my jewelry semi-organized I have purchased these jewelry organizers to help me out a little with saving space.
最近發現了這個寶貝! 他就是小飾物整理衣架! 

I love the zippers on these because you can roll them up and travel with them!
他最方便的地方就是有拉鍊!!! 旅行也可以隨身帶, 不怕掉東掉西的.

This one is even double sided to fit double the amount of goodies!

 Longer necklaces? No problem! Find a belt hanger at your local Container Store or supermarket!
如果有長一點的掛飾, 不妨可以用專門掛皮帶的衣架來整理. 既省地方, 又不會打結喔!
Bobo was having a sweet dream while mommy slaved to take pictures and blog.
 寶寶看到媽媽拍這拍那的, 都睡著了!

Thank you Melissa from Sproos Shop  for sending me so many cute hair accessories! Enjoy all the pictures and don't forget to check out their website!
 Jenny 再這想要感謝 Sproos Shop 贊助了那麼多可愛又實用的頭飾! 別忘了有空去逛逛喔!

  Double stranded pearls <3

Leopard print bow!

又是蝴蝶結! 你們也知道Jenny 最喜歡蝴蝶結了!

 More bows!

 I purposely wore this like Hello Kitty would. lol
有像KT 貓嗎?
 Black bows are elegant and can dress up any summer dress

 Wear it on the crown of your head to look extra kawaii!~


Bling bling headband!
Bling bling 髮箍

 Large black bow head band. One of my personal favorites!

 Swan lake anyone?
Red lace headband =)

Alright, enough camwhoring! Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
這次就分享到這裡.想必大家也看我看到膩了吧!  希望你們喜歡這次的分享!