Mid Summer haul and mini review- Hello Kitty Masks, Skin 79 BB cream, and more!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I can't believe it is August already!! Where did the time go?

I won't be doing a favorites video this month because I really didn't try out enough things, so instead I've decided to combine it with August to make a mega favorites video at the end of this month!

I will post the actual video of the haul here as soon as it is uploaded on YouTube. To thank you guys for reading, you get a sneak preview of the products!  OH!!!  I forgot to mention, when I hit 10,000 subscribers On YouTube I will do a HUGE giveaway!! I can't wait!! So please help me spread the word! <3 ~

I made a purchase on imomoko because I wanted the new skin79 Dear Rose BB cream. It is a Taiwan exclusive so needless to say I was super excited when it became in stock. Thanks Betty!! <3

You guys know I like to include  mini reviews when I do hauls so here goes!

This BB cream SMELLS SO GOOD! Ok ok, I'm exaggerating, but it smells like roses (I like! XD) Coverage is medium to high but pretty thick consistency and slight white cast. Despite the thick consistency, it is a pretty good BB cream because it doesn't run or separate throughout the day, and also gives good SPF protection. As always, even if my moisturizer or makeup has SPF I always wear an actual sunscreen for added protection.

Nanoce BB Sorbet in shade #1. I thought this was super cool because it is BB "cream" in an aerosol can! I love shaking this up for fun!! A great summer foundation for its light and airy texture, not to mention how fun it is to apply! It comes with a sponge but I like to use disposables for sanitary reasons.

Next up is the new Sexylook masks I have never tried Sexylook masks before until a good friend of mine sent me some to try and now I'm addicted! I think they work better than My Beauty Dairy masks, because I see immediate evening of skin tone after I use these.

These super cute masks comes in a box of 5. This particular one is moisturizing and rose bud lifting masks. These are really thin masks and tear quite easily so handle with care. The scent is mild, but these are not double lifting masks, meaning they do not have the neck attachment or ear hooks. It comes down to personal choice really, not everyone likes hooks on their ears.

The pink ones are Hello Kitty Ultra Moisturizing Pink Sakura Double Lifting Mask, and white ones are Hello Kitty Brightening Firming White Rose Double Lifting Mask. These masks come in a box of 7 and are double lifting (have ear hooks) They take down redness and brighten complexion immediately. Love!

Of course you guys know I love keeping cute packaging!
I used to burn candles every night because I'm a pretty "scent oriented" person. I assosiate emotions, people, events with scent so that's why I love burning candles. Slatkin & Co are sold at Bath and Body works in case you are wondering and the scents are pretty strong and consistent. I got 2 small single wick ones which burns 40 hours each,and a large 3 wick one that burns 100 hours. I have to say out of the three my favorite is the Flower shop. Not only because it was surprise gift from Mr. K, it smells like my favorite flower (lily).

I also purchased a few things from Nordstrom, but why spoil the fun here right? You will just have to wait and watch the video!

If you guys have any questions please leave a comment! If you don't have any questions...still leave a comment because I LOVE chatting with all of you!