Urban Decay 15th Anniversay Palette Review

Thursday, August 18, 2011

If you watched my review video already you are probably here for the pictures! If not, here is the video.

These are the 15 gorgeous colors!! My favorite is Omen, what's yours? Leave me a comment below!

What I love about this palette the most is the packaging. If not for the packaging I don't think I would keep the palette. The colors are very similar to previous palettes but as a lot of you know I'm a sucker for packaging so even if the colors are similar I will want it! XD

Here is a close up of the actual colors. If you want to request a tutorial from this palette please leave a comment as well!

The box and all its glory!

Swatch of the first column. Pretty much all neutrals colors. My favorite is Flow from this column. 

Next, we get into the colors and my favorite is Omen.

Last column is for going from day to night or smokey eyes. My favorite is deeper.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet swatching session. Honestly, the quality of the palette isn't all that great. Like I mentioned in the video, the shadows have a lot of fall outs because they are pressed differently than the other shadows Urban Decay had (in my opinion). Nonetheless, I would recommend this palette because of its packaging and wonderful colors. Oh! It is limited edition too! You guys already know I had to jump on it when I saw that it was limited edition.  If you own the palette or wants to request a look please leave me a comment below!

Overall: B
Value: A-
Packaging: A