Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow Preview

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ready or not Bare Escentuals will be releasing their READY Eyeshadow compacts in October for their fall collection. Now what's special about these shadows is...they are PRESSED! Yes! BE has left the loose shadow galaxy and leaped into the world of pressed mineral shadows.

Let's talk about quality. I admit, I was skeptical about a loose mineral company making pressed anything, but when I swatched these I was utterly amazed. These shadows contain something that BE is calling SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, which essentially reminds us that despite the new product, BE is still in touch with its mineral roots. Also, this SeaNutritive Mineral Complex promises skincare benefits such as depuffing and antioxidant properties along with its smooth creamy texture with maximum  color payoff.

 Now a little about the price and variety. There will be 15 duos, which Bare Essentials is calling the "2.0" and 4 quads which are called "4.0". The duos will be $20 and the quads will be $30. Obviously the quads are the better deal (pretty good marketing if you asked me).

This particular quad is called "the truth" and here are the swatches

Overall, I am stoked about these palettes because the quality is amazing. To give you some perspective, the texture of these pressed shadows feel like Kose's Esprique Precious fall collection palettes and somewhat close to Lunasol shadows as well. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this little preview. Let me know what you guys think of Bare Escentuals and if you will be purchasing these shadows.