September JewelMint

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I can't believe it is already September! Last time I shared a JewelMint piece was in July. 

I really enjoyed these pieces this month. You can purchase all the pieces that I'm about to show you from Jewelmint (clickable link)

 The first piece is Krishna Earrings. I cannot get over how elegant these earrings are. Probably the best with a strapless black dress. Definitely a very special piece.

Here is a close up of the earrings. They are quite heavy for my ears, but regardless I love them as they are.
Usually Jewelmint pieces stand alone by themselves, but sometimes they have sets like this one which is a big treat because it is like getting 2 pieces for the prices of one! I love the layered necklace look with the different textures and colors of the chains. The heart earrings also showcases a really nice rose gold color. (Here's to eternity set)

Thank you so much for reading!! All your support means so much to me!