O2B2 San Jose

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I can't believe it is December already! Anyways, I know I always say this and I have to say it yet again. I have been neglateing my blog for a while but I am back!! 

A few weeks ago I went to O2B2 which stands for "Out of the Beauty Box" created by Koren and Elessa or better known as Enkore and Pursebuzz.

I had so much fun getting certified by Temptu for airbrushing and met so many great people! I can't believe one of you recognized me and wanted a picture with me! (you know who are you) <3 

Here are some pictures. The class was actually pretty big but most people left by the time we took pictures, so here is a lonely little group picture.

It was so much fun! Thanks Koren and Elessa!

Hope you guys are having a great month so far! Lots more posts to come! Please let me know if you guys like seeing picture posts!
<3 Jen