Package Swap with Sugerpao

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I recently received a huge package from my dear friend Sugar or better known as Sugarpao for her whimsical blog and detailed unbiased reviews. Sugar and I have been friends ever since I started blogging and YouTube, and I am totally grateful to have her in my life.

Without further ado here is the package!

Etude House goodness: Aura highlighter, silk scarf hair care set, tangerine creme blush, masks.

Esprique Precious Set! I'm not sure if it is holiday but the inside is gorgeous! I'll do a detailed review if any of you guys want to see one!

Since I don't have everything on me right now, I can't really put the full product names but you guys get the point.

Kanebo concealer palette, Face shop polish, KATE eye shadow/brow palette

Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus mascara, lip gloss and pouch

 Next are my FAVORITES!!! The Paul and Joe pile!!

Paul & Joe foundation S, blush (face color), eye shadow palette, and a jewelry pouch.

Sample galore!

 Lunasol liquid lips and Etude house fringe holders in super cute shapes <3

Last but not least, dried mangoes and melon jellies. Oh my goodness the jellies are SO GOOD. I am addicted.

Thank you so much Sugar for your crazy heavy package. I loved every single thing in there! As always if you guys would like to see a review of a certain product leave me a comment below!

To check out Sugar's blog please visit

<3 Jen