9 days late

Monday, January 9, 2012

9 days late. No I'm not talking about my menstrual cycle.

I have been flipping through my old pictures lately. Probably my unconscious way of procrastinating so that I don't have to study. As I flipped through my old pictures I realized all of these experiences need to be recollected and commemorated, because they won't happen the same way with the same people again.

Everything we are changing, hopefully for the better. The people that we surround ourselves with are the ones that influence us the most. So I want to start off the post by saying, I'm grateful to have Mr. K in my life. 

This picture was taken after my first YouTube event in Berkley, CA. The person on the other side of the camera was a friend I held very close to my heart.

Time changes us.

Or maybe we shouldn't blame time. Maybe we choose to change.

To be honest, I still think very highly of this friend that once went out of her way for me for numerous occasions.  Whether it be bad luck or plain simple fate, I really wish she was still here.

My theory is, you don't need a lot of friends, just a few REALLY GOOD ones. So I thought I was that lucky girl to have such understanding friends. But time changes even the best of us.

Although people change, some love will never change.
 So what? Who cares if people change? We are all changing. What am I trying to say?

Things happen to us for a reason. I don't want to, and won't blame, because I value and still remember all the time spent together, countless laughter, and the friendship.

I hope all you guys can stop to smell the roses, or better yet, take pictures of them! Eat great food and enjoy life to its fullest in 2012!

<3 Jen