My Current Shoe Obsession

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've been obsessing over shoes! Currently, it is the Shoemint Edith. Here is a little more about Shoemint and the shoes in action starting at 4:10.

They are currently sold out right now, but I will update you guys if you are interested. Also comes in black!

The stiletto is a whopping 6 inches, but the platform in the front is about 2 inches. So if you wanted to be technical, the heal is really 4 inches.

The shoes are wrapped in the blushed pink suede. I always try to dust them off after every use, because when suede gets dirty it can get very hard to restore them.

The subscription is $79.99 a month and you can skip months or get multiple pairs a month. Shipping is free both ways for purchase, exchange, and return for credit. The only catch is, if you return for method of payment instead of Shoemint credit, you will be charged $9.95.

Hope you are all having a great week so far!