Shoemint- Edith

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Saturday! I guess I mean to say happy "Friday" but since that was yesterday... anyway! I'm so excited to share this with you guys.

Tada! These are the Shoemint Edith! (No I was not sponsored for this blog post nor did I receive these for free. I purchased it with my own money)

I was so excited that these came back in stock last week and I was just browsing during class, I mean at home. ha. ha.  I quickly purchased them right away because I have heard so many great things about them. Naturally I wanted to go out to dinner so I can take these babies for a spin right?

Sorry for the crappy picture but it was taken with my iphone in a super dark restaurant. These are surprisingly more comfortable than I imagined. The heel is a little scratchy so I think it will take some breaking in. Okay, I must confuse, I almost fell head over the 6 inch heel along with the 2 inch platform if it wasn't for K holding on to me. As you can imagine, the world can be a little wobbly when you are 6 inches off the ground. It was a bit frightening since we were crossing the street downtown heading to our dinner destination. I can't imagine what could have happened if K was not there. I truly appreciate him for all the small, and big, things he does for me. Besides almost making a fool out of myself on a busy street, these shoes served me well tonight.

I will attempt to wear them again for dinner some other time, and if you guys are interested in these I will try to post on Facebook again when I spot them restocked again on the website.

Have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!