March 2012 Favorites (likes and dislikes)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far!

I've been so stressed lately that I barely have enough time to sleep! However, I did not forget you guys and here is the requested monthly favorites video!

Yes I finally received my first and ever Ipad in the mail on the 16th of last month.  I still remember picking it up in the rain.  I love the new ipad and if you don't own one, go to the Apple store and check it out!

 I think you guys will be excited for these! I have been trying these meal replacements and I really like how they taste! In case you are interested here are links to purchase these.

FUNAICARE Burner Light Meal Replacement (5 Pks) - Seafood
FUNAICARE Burner Light Meal Replacement (5 Pks) - Veggies and Pork
FUNAICARE Burner Light Meal Replacement (5 Pks) - Curry Chicken

 There are 5 packets in each box and each packet contains only 45-47 calories.  The content is dehydrated porridge.  The instructions for re-hydrating is pretty self explanatory so I wanted to talk more about the taste.

The green one is pork and veggies. Probably my second favorite one out of the three.
 Orange box: Curry flavored. 
 Blue: seafood flavored. My favorite of them all!

Individually packaged and sealed for freshness!  Makes it convenient to bring to work for lunch. 

I would suggest eating a few servings of fruits and vegetables along with every packet to maintain all the nutrition you need.  This is by no means a long term diet method, but it does help watch your calorie intake and possibly lose weight.  If you think you can't replace complete meals with these alone you can try eating them as snacks!  At 45 calories each packet, I don't see how it could hurt. =)

Last but not least are the lenses I was wearing. These have been very popular in the blogging world and in Asia. If you are interested in the GEO princess Mimi in chocolate brown you can see more pictures here: Use code "MISOJENNY" for a gift with purchase!

Next is what I do when I'm! Lately I have been obsessed with chocolates.  I got a bunch of different ones but this is definitely a winner! Godiva Dark sea salt chocolate

 I haven't tried much cosmetics lately, but I picked it one up at the mall a while ago and I absolutely adore the color. Lancome Rouge in Love- Coral in love (Sephora)

I got this while ago  with a friend Lovesummeikup at the CCO.  It is hydrating enough for me to skip a moisturizer during the day.  I usually put all the oily, ultra replenishing skincare stuff on at night and try to keep it minimalistic during the day.  If you can find this, it is worth trying.

Next is Vitacreme B12! I know I know, a lot of you told me that you can't get past the idea of a pink cream. I personally don't think it is a deal breaker. You can see below that the cream isn't SO pink.  I think its more of a tint.  I have heard from some of you that you were allergic to the predecessor of this cream, which is the one without whitening properties, but I personally don't have any reactions.  Lucky me.
(purchased from

These My Beauty Diary came as trios but I misplaced the honey one, so now they are a duo.
(purchased from