Journey to finding my very own Chanel

Monday, May 7, 2012

Owning a Chanel 2.55 is every girl's dream.  However, prices have skyrocketed especially during economic distress.  Its actually a funny concept if you think about it.  The worse the economy is, the higher the demand for luxury goods.  If I wasn't one to prove this theory correct, the long wait-list for a purse at the Chanel boutiques would be.

picture credit- purseblog

I'm not sure what is so captivating about this purse that every (or almost every) women would like to own one some time in their lives.  Perhaps it is the timeless elegance the name Chanel is synonymous for. Or maybe because it is an essential piece in every celebrate or fashion blogger/vlogger's wardrobe. Whichever the case, I am ready for mine. ;)

To me, purses are investments.  I like my purchases to last a long time and the quality be a testament of the brand.  I am meticulous about the material, origin, down to the workmanship, so I can truly appreciate the quality and rich history behind this bag. Speaking of history, I have decided to look into a pre-owned or vintage 2.55.  I have never purchased a pre-owned or "pre-loved" bag before so I am a bit nervous. I like the idea of buying a vintage or pre-loved Chanel purse for two reasons. One, obviously the price.  With the consistent $500 price increase every 6 months to a year, it is difficult to save up for one. Two, I think it really adds to the bag's character and it embraces the rich history behind the brand.  With that said I have began my search for my very own Chanel.

I always do my homework before buying any designer handbags; even new ones.  I like to read about the history of the brand, brand concept, materials, craftsmanship, and even how the purses are made (if possible).   With weeks of research behind me I have ruled out some choices.

I love the idea of a wallet on a chain, but I think I want something a little bigger and more functional for my first Chanel.

Now that I am ready to make the purchase I am super nervous and feel like the search will never end! I know exactly what I want and the price point I am willing to pay, but waiting for "the one" is starting to feel like a never ending race!  Wish me luck!

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