A Shoe Story

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Tuesday everyone!

A little odd to be posting on a Tuesday but I really wanted to jump on here and share my experience with a subscription website. I'm sure a lot of you have already heard of it.  Like many shoe subscription websites justfab.com is a monthly subscription website where members are offered "exclusive" shoes on a monthly basis. Membership fee is $39.95 which is much more affordable than other similar sites. After seeing a few blogger and YouTube vloggers' purchases I decided to give this website a try. 

Sarada in black was the first pair I ordered. I was very excited for these because I love suede wrapped wedges. However, when I received it I was truly disappointed. Before I go into details I must clarify what kind of shoes I usually buy/wear.  

I love shoes. I think shoes are very important because a good pair of shoes can take you to where you want to go. While comfort is very important; I know fully well that no heels, pumps, or 6 inch wedges will be comfortable for long. With that said I really didn't have unrealistic expectations when I received these shoes. I can usually walk in 3-4 inch heels with no problems. I can't hike a mountain or walk in the city with heels but I am definitely not a heels novice. I buy shoes of all different styles and colors so I really don't have a bias towards one or the other.  My shoe collection consists of 2 categories; comfortable and not so comfortable. Comfortable shoes are everyday shoes like loafers, tennies, workout shoes, sandals,Uggs, and in some cases, wedges.  Not so comfortable shoes are dressier shoes such as pumps, high wedges, and some boots. Why do I even bother buying "uncomfortable" shoes? Well, they are not actually uncomfortable. I just cannot wear them for an extended period of time. Essentially these not so comfortable shoes are for dinners, office work, blog posts, and special occasions. 

Whew enough about my shoe philosophies, back to jubfab. When these Saradas arrived I did not even try both shoe on. The 6 inch platform along with the curved toe box was just impossible to even stand in. The actual surface area of the shoe that touches the ground was very small as well, making it even harder to balance every step. Mr. K said these looked "ridiculous".  Sadly, I must agree with him. 

I ended up returning these wedges and exchanged them for flats. The process was difficult because I had to actually call and obtain a RMA code. After a 15 minute phone call I received  my return postage in my email inbox and shipping was free.  Then came...

Jalissa the nautical looking flats. I had high hopes for these flats because who doesn't love some navy striped flats? When I received them I was in disbelief! The insole was printed with a third party name not even the standard "just fabulous" logo. The quality of these were so poor I felt like they were made with paper! So I returned these and decided that I've tried enough from this website and I wanted to cancel my "membership" so I would not having to skip every month to avoid charges. I was on the phone again, but this time for over 30 minutes to get a return label and cancel my membership. The representative kept on offering me other incentives so I can stay. It was annoying to say the least. 

Overall, I was truly disappointed by the practicality and customer service. I will stick to buying shoes from department stores for now. The quality and lines of designer shoes just cannot be replaced. This is not to say I only buy designer shoes, but my shoe philosophy tells me quality over quantity. 

Have any of you tried justfab and how was your experience like? I would love to hear from you guys!