Gems in the Sea

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy weekend everyone!

As we continue to struggle with the difficult and confusing weather, my body decided to go on strike.  I was bed bound for a good 3 days.  Yesterday was the first day I could even get up without front loading myself with Tylenol first.  Lately, I have also been busy with what was intended to be a side project, but has since taken up 16 hours of my day. While I would have loved to have spent the 3 days doing nothing, I still had a lot to do, so instead I spent most of my day in PJs replying to emails and making endless conference calls.  As soon as I started feeling a bit better, Mr. K and I decided to venture out into the wonderful "sprin-ter"(see why here) weather and have a coffee date.

We stumbled on a little cafe at the heart of Little Tokyo.  What captured my attention were these two gigantic towers standing in the window.  We decided to pay it a little visit. 

 This mad scientist looking contraption brews cold dripped coffee, which is used to make the famous Kyoto Iced Coffee at this shop.  I could feel the owner's passion for coffee the moment I walked in to this little gem.  Our coffee was buttery with hints of carmel.  Perfection.  And if you are interested you can actually purchase this contraption here.

I'm actually a rather lazy person.  The less I have to think about what to wear, the better, which is why a simple blouse with just a little sparkle is perfect.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great rest of the week!

Top: H&M (Similar here) // Bottom: Zara // Shoes: J. Crew // Bag: Celine