Hong Kong & Shanghai Travel Diary- Part 1

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hi everyone! This is a super late post on my Asia trip but nonetheless some of you requested it, so here it is!

Before we start here is my first Chinese vlog! 

First thing after landing, we went straight to our hotel to check in and dashed to the nearest 茶餐厅 (Hong Kong style cafe). For those of you that don' t know, cafe food is a staple in Hong Kong. Oh how I have missed the 丝袜奶茶 (silky milk teas)!

The view from my hotel room. We stayed in Kawloon because it was so central to all the food and shopping. 

Another reason to love Hong Kong! There were Rilakkuma advertisements everywhere! 

Tempting desserts. Pretty much like Beard Papa

My favorite after school snack when I was little was 鸡蛋仔 (egg puffs). I remember them being $5 back then, but now they are $12. 

I believe this was Causeway Bay. It was the grand opening for the UniQlo there. The line was extremely long. Needless to say, we did not make it inside. I'm too impatient to wait in the humid weather for discounts. 

The Jill Stuart store was absolutely darling. My friend Rae from RAEview recommended the jelly eye colors. These eye jellys are shimmery, fragrant and just dreamy. 

If you watched my vlog on my trip you know that I adore Hong Kong style milk tea. Speaking of milk tea, I could use a cup right now. 

Many of you were interested in the food that I ate on my trip. This was from a Thai and Vietnamese fusion food. It was quite spicy but the coconut neutralized the spiciness.

In case you are wondering, both these restaurants were in "The One" shopping plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

We decided that we needed a Japanese fix after a few days of all Chinese cuisine. I absolutely loved this place, especially the view.

After working hard in Hong Kong for a few days we are off to Shanghai!

I just loved home cooked meals. It is something I don't get a lot of due to my busy schedule. My grandparents and family were so excited to see me that they made 10 dishes and a soup for lunch!

Eel and chives. A classic Shanghainese dish. Yes yes, some of you might think "eel? ew!", but oh man...so good!

One of my favorite dessert place! 鲜芋仙! Who else knows this place?

My sister (cousin) took me to this new restaurant in town called 70 后饭吧。 Basically it is a modern semi-cafeteria type restaurant. The food was excellent, and I really wouldn't call it a cafeteria because the decor was rather upscale.

Yes! Brick toast! This one has 3 layers and each layer has 9 small cubes. The top layer is bruleed for a nice crunch.

Couldn't resist playing with the brick after we inhaled all the small cubes it contained.

I hope I didn't bore you guys to death with all these pictures. There will be a part 2!

Until then!