I Drink Poop?!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yes I know what you are thinking. Before you let your imagination run wild, let me explain myself. 

I was watching a TVB drama last year and the wealthy lawyers in the show always demanded 貓屎咖啡, which directly translates to "cat poop coffee".  I honestly didn't think any of it since TVB always makes up brands and alters names for legal reasons.  A few months later I encountered this phrase again at an event.  This time I decided to go home and do a little research on this poop coffee that everyone is talking about. 

Turns out this "cat poop coffee" is also known as Luwak.  It is actually a delicacy and costs about $60+ USD per ounce. Yes, that means each cup of coffee roughly costs $15- $20 to brew. 

In case you are wondering, the coffee is named after the way the beans were processed.  A feline-like animal called "civet" is fed coffee beans.  Then, as you can imagine the civet digests the coffee beans and excretes them back out.  Farmers then picks these feces and cleans the coffee beans.  So yes the process is quite disgusting but the result is marvelous.  I don't want to go too much into Luwak coffee detail since not everyone likes "poop coffee".  I myself only drink it on special occasions as well. 

Let's talk about how to use the Clever dripper!  I have a quite a few coffee machines. I have 2 Kurigs, a Nesspresso U with Areochino, a few french presses, a good old coffee dripper, and finally a large Clever dripper.  Depending on the grind of the coffee and how much time I have that day, I use different brewing methods.  I wanted to focus a little more on the Clever dripper since it has became my favorite way of brewing coffee.  Like a french press the Clever dripper is considered a full emersion brewing method.  This means, the coffee ground in fully immersed in water allowing for a cup of full body coffee.  The good thing about the Clever dripper is the clean up.  No more scraping coffee grounds out of the french press!  All I have to do for clean up is toss the filter and rinse the dripper. I also find this to brew less bitter coffee as well. The valve on the bottom of the dripper does not open until you set it on top of a cup.  Can't get better than this!

I wait about 3 minutes after pouring the water into the filter. 

You can choose to cover the dripper while you wait to keep in the heat.  For photography purposes I did pre-wet the filter, which also decreases the paper taste.  However, most people do not taste "paper" when using paper filters.

Coffee dripping. 

If you have poured a perfect cup of coffee, you should see an even layer of coffee ground residue on the sides of the filter.

So there you have it! A perfect cup of coffee. 
I am interested in seeing how you guys drink/ brew your coffee. Please leave me a comment below!

Coffee Machine/ Gadgets I own:

My favorite is Nesspresso 
The good ole: Coffee Maker
Fast and easy: Kurig
My new love: Clever Dripper  with #4 filter

August Favorites & Giveaway

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy hump day everyone! 
Hang in there! The week is almost over! 

My August favorites video is up and if you haven't seen it yet, here it is. 

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L'oreal Colour Riche leMatte & laLaque

Hello everyone! 

School has officially started and it is quite a bittersweet feeling for most of you I imagine.  Hopefully many of you have friends and exciting activities at school to look froward to ;)

Today I wanted to share the new L'oreal colour Riche line with you. 
As a lot of you know, I specialize in Asian skincare and cosmetics because I truly believe they work better for my skin.  However, after hearing my friends Sam from Saaammage rave about these I went out on a hunt, determined to find all of them. 

Three Target trips later, I found all 8 shades!

This line is said to be limited edition but I have heard rumors of them being readily available come fall.  Regardless, I had to try them before they were all gone.  This line offers 4 leMatte and 4 laLaque shades. Unfortunately, two of the leMatte shades were a bit too dark for my lips even just judging from the packaging, so they did not come home with me. 

In case you were interested, they were 404 Matte-r of Fact and 403 No Matte-R What.  I imagine these chocolate nude shades will suit darker skin tones very well. 

I knew I wanted to do a swatch test on these for you guys so I bought the rest of the 6 shades. 

Let's move on to the swatches!

First we have 411 Never Lacque-ing.  This is the most natural pink in the entire line.  It is part of the laLaque family so it does show up quite glossy.  It is a natural mauve pink. 

414 I Lacque You a Lot. This is an in-your-face coral orange color that is a serious bold lip! Also a laLaque lip color.

 Next is 412 Lacquer-ized.  This is a total Nicki Minaj pink.  It is a cool tone pink that is super glossy. 

Last in the laLaque family is 413 Lacque-oinc. I absolutely love this red color, but unfortunately it was the most difficult color to apply since it is so dark and unforgiving.  It took me a few tries to get it right, but the result is stunning, no? 

Shade 408 She's so Matte. I originally fell in love with this color because the packaging color was my favorite.  However, after trying out the leMatte formula it seems rather underwhelming.  The colors is beautiful and texture is smooth, but the result is a bit feathered. 

Last we have 409 Matte for me.  This is a matte Christmas red.  I do quite like this color especially against my skin tone. 

These lip sticks are advertised to be a lipstick and lip liner in one.  I can see how this can duo both purpose for lighter colors but for bold colors these are a bit unforgiving.  Removing these lip colors is no joke! In fact they are all so pigmented that I had to use various makeup removers to completely remove the colors.  
My favorite out of the entire line would have to be 413 and 411.  I mean a super glossy red lip? Sign me up please! The 411 color is so natural you can wear it to the office or even to school on a daily basis.  I didn't fall in love with any matte colors, but the consistency is nicer than most matte lipsticks that tend to be drying.  

{left to right} 411 Never Lacque-ing, 414 I Lacque You a Lot, 412 Lacquer-ized, 413 Lacque-oinc,  408 She's so Matte, 409 Matte for me

I purchased these at Target for $7.99 each.  The price is a little on the higher end, but for the glossy shades I think they are worth it.  Last note, these do have the signature L'oreal lipstick scent that dissipates after 30 minutes of wear.  I must say, I am not a fan of any scents in lipsticks but for the results I'll endure. 

What is your favorite shade and will you purchase these? Leave me a message in the comments below!