Down the Aisle with MisoJenny :: Vibiana DTLA

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello my Miso Bunnies! 

Mr K and I have been filling our weekends with wedding venue shopping.  There is just an insane amount of details and possibilities that can go into a wedding.  Everything can be customized, from the date, invitations, save the dates, photography, cinematography, venues, time of the wedding, ceremony and reception in same place vs separate...and the list goes on. 

I thought it would be helpful to share with you guys some of our weekend adventures as well as some pricing information for those of you who are also looking to plan a wedding in LA, or if you are one of those girls who have been planning your own wedding since 12 years old then you can get an idea of how much happily ever after would cost today ;) 

I naturally gravitate towards church weddings, probably because of my upbringing.  Our first venue was the beautiful Vibiana in DTLA.  I don't go into too much detail the history of each venue, simply because you can read more about them if you were interested.  Also,  all the photos are taken with my iphone 6 plus for convenience sake and all untouched, unedited to give you the best visual representation of how the venue actually looks without the uplights and decors.  

It is an absolutely gorgeous venue and Mr K. and I fell head over heels over this place.  Love at first sight really.  I think the architecture speaks for itself, and with its convenient location in downtown LA the price tag is hefty as well. 

Some dreamy lavish events at Vibiana

Photo credit: Lin & Jirsa

photo credit: Vibiana

photo credit: sdk photo

Here is the breakdown for a 150 ppl wedding with ceremony + reception.

Venue rental (not included in the Dining and Libation pricing)

Monday - Friday $4,000
Saturday $8,000
Holiday Sunday $8,000
With the Venue rental you get: access to the main hall and courtyard for a full day from 9am to 12am on the day of your wedding/event.

In addition to the venue rental pricing is the dinning and libation pricing. 

I won't itemize the details but there is a minimum of 150 guest for food and beverage.  If you have a guest count of less than 150, you will still be charge at a higher rate equivalent to 150 guest count. 

For the most basic food and beverage package the total comes out to $33,830.  This includes the 20% administrative fee as well as the 9% LA tax.  

What is included:
passed Hor d'oeuvres, and a 2 course dinner
5.5 hours of hosted bar 
lighting, sound and technicians
tables, basic floor length linens, chivari chairs for cocktail hour and reception
24 x24 white dance floor
valet for 75 cars (required) 

So if you are looking at a Friday wedding for 150 ppl
you are looking at $37,830 without decors, cake, and upgrades. 

Hopefully this is insightful.  Next week I will be taking you guys to the First Congressional Church of LA. See you then!