Ultimate Japan Food Guide - Fugu

Monday, July 11, 2016

When in Japan,  we had one of our most adventurous meals. Fugu! 
Fugu is also known has puffer fish or blowfish. It is so popular in Japan there an emoji for it 🐡
Yup! That's it! 🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡🐡

Fugu is a Japanese delicacy. It has an inner sac that is so poisonous it can kill you. Every year there are reported cases of death caused by improperly prepared fugu. 
 Make sure you do your research before ingesting fugu! We visited Torafugutei in Shinjuku. It is a chain restaurants they have many other locations too. 

Japan requires special license for restaurants that serve fugu. Mainly the way the fish is prepared. We had fugu 5 ways. starting with fugu skin. 

Fugu sashimi

 Fried Fugu (Mr K's favorite)

Fugu hotpot was my favorite. It is seriously so cool! There is no heat, no fire, no pot even! The entire cooking process is done in a bamboo basket with the special waterproof paper and an induction plate. 

After you are done with the hotpot, the waitress will come and make you fugu porridge with the left over soup.

We finished with a little coffee ice cream sandwich

It was one of the most satisfying meals we had in Japan (after we woke up alive the next day).  It was a bit pricy, about $65 per person.  If you are in Japan you must try it!