Magic of Scents :: AquaFlor in Firenze Italy

Monday, April 3, 2017

I've always been a very scent driven person. Let me clarify that I mean. 
Like most people I associate certain scents with corresponding memories. Thus fragrance is a very personal choice. While florals may be my favorite, you may find the smell of amber or musky teakwood to be pleasing. On our most recent trip to Italy I was on a mission to find my signature scent. Something that is unique, distinct and non-ubiquitous. 

For years I have been using Chloe and Chloe Rose. While I love my perfume collection, composing of fifteen to twenty glass bottles of potions, I was longing for something special. Sure, each bottle had its story but I wanted THE one that I could be excited to wear even going to bed. 

While in Florence, Mr. K and I found this gem in the picture perfect city of Florence. As we navigated our way on Google map via the Tripadvisor app (our essential travel companion)  we began smelling this indescribable scent. A combination of floral, citrus, woods mixed in the brisk Italian air. We knew we were getting close to it by how pleasantly the surrounding smelled. 

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As much as it is difficult to describe scents, it is even more difficult to forget them. Sense of smell is unique to our other senses. It bypasses the thalamus, a part of the brain that processes senses such as hearing and vision, and goes deep into the part of our brains called the olfactory bulb. This explains why scents can trigger intense emotional memories and the last sense to be forgotten in Alzheimer's patients. Experiencing a scent is like riding a bicycle, you will never really forget it. You may find it very difficult to describe a particular scent and perhaps even the feelings and emotions attached to it, however it is something you can immediately recognize. Because those emotions are so difficult to put into words each scent experience is personal. 

We arrived at AquaFlor 30 minutes before their lunch hour was over. As we patiently waited outside I was beyond excited to explore the unique scents inside. As you enter the store you will find that you have left the modern era and transported back in time. Rustic wooden cases filled with glistening glass bottles reflecting beams of light. On the eau de parfum counter each scent is accompanied with a glass beaker with a test tube inverted within. It reminded much of my college chemistry laboratory days.  

The store is divided into three sections, perfumes, soaps and room fragrance. With my limited Italian, I was able to ask some questions and before I knew it Mr K. and I were being hosted by the most wonderful fragrance specialist. She even took us underground to their laboratory, and gave us a tour of their production site. It was truly beautiful and rustic. Between the unfinished brick walls and stone floor stood many tanks of mixed fragrances ready to be bottled. 

We must have spent over 2 hours at Aquaflor and I wrapped up this scent overloading experience with a bottle of MM eau de toilette and an Aquaflor room fragrance. Each bottle was meticulously wrapped and packaged. MM actually stands for Marilyn Monroe, and it was specially created for exposition of Marilyn Monroe at Palazzo Madama. I'm happy to report that both made it back to sunny California safe and sound. My only regret is not getting the eau de parfum version of MM. But that just means we must return again in the near future right? 

I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me. Please let me know if you have a favorite perfume or scent! I would love to hear from you!